Box Packaging Design

Box design is one of my favorite design services to offer. Packaging plays a huge part in an Amazon customer's perception of your brand, from just seeing it in photos as they make purchasing decisions to holding it in their hands. With this order, you'll receive an initial proposal from me within 1-3 days. Your proposal will include my research/moodboards, any references from our conversations, initial sketches and lastly a box design proposal with a mockup. Depending on the specifics of your vision, I sometimes offer multiple versions of similar design to allow you some perspective on all your options. Once I hear back from you, we'll tweak the box to perfection within 1-4 days depending on how speedy our communication is. Upon finalizing perfected artwork for you, I'll send over the master AI files for your future use as well as a print-ready file for your supplier or manufacturer.
Requirements needed to get started
If you're interested, I'd love to hop on a hangouts call with you; this will help us get to know one another and speak even more in depth about your vision. If project timelines do not allow or you're ready to start without a call, typically all I need is for you to fill out this short creative brief. It will help me give me a better idea of your vision and your brand as I begin with the design. 
Cover type
Product Package
2D Graphic
3D Model
Animated Model
File formats provided
Extras included
Back & Side
Source File
3D Image
Commercial Use
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
most of my faqs can be found here:

another couple questions that are specific to this service:
what is your experience with amazon?
i spent multiple years as a viral launch amazon seller coach and then moved into designing for amazon brands from there. i know the space thoroughly and have studied best practices for digital design through my extensive amazon-related design work which has helped dozens of client products/pages obtain best seller badges, amazon choice badges, or coveted positions above the fold on page 1. i also have in-depth knowledge on how to be successful in the marketplace after you've launched that i'd be more than happy to offer along the way during our design journey. read more about me and my background in both design and amazon here:

what is your turnaround time?
getting a product launched can be a busy time. i value and understand this, so i work very hard to be quick and efficient with your design completion. i offer a proposal within 1-3 days (most typically it is received on day 2 after an order is placed) and typically complete revisions with the client between 1-4 more days leaving the full project complete by day 7 or sooner.