Revise & Optimize Amazon Listing w/ KW & Competitor Research

So, you have had a good run on your number one selling product but wait, whats that? Your product sales in a slump? Been overtaken by your competitors?
With this package I can help you get out of that slump and overtake your competitors again no regain that number one sales spot. 

Well if your competitors are selling the same type of product successfully, but your sales are considerably less, then your product listing needs to be properly optimized. 
I will start with your title, revising it for maximum clicks, then I will move onto your bullet points to make them more persuasive, rich with product details and designed to sell. Then, I’ll overhaul your description to answer the buyers’ questions
Before doing any of this I will analyze your competition’s titles, bullets, descriptions and even product reviews and questions for the best features and worst flaws then use this information to your advantage!  
 With this package, you will receive:
·       An investment of my time to develop a superior marketing plan for your product listing
·       Comprehensive keyword research and a list of the most important keywords that will lead to the discovery and ranking of your product – this includes the best long-tail phrases as well as short, descriptive phrases or words
·       My research into your strongest competitors so I can swipe their best product features and identify their worst and use this data strategically in your optimized listing
·       A full and complete SEO friendly title revision – one that intrigues buyers to learn more
·       Editing of your five bullets to include the best keywords for optimal sales and to highlight valuable information so your buyers are compelled to buy now
·       An overhaul of your description (even EBC copy) to summarize the benefits and features, but more importantly, cinch the deal
·       Two documents – one in Word in case you want to load the text manually into the Add a Product application and another in a text file with an HTML description so you can insert it into a spreadsheet template for uploading. 

 I see these packages as the start of a longer term business relationship, with more repeat custom. 
Let me get your product selling and not sitting in amazons warehouse costing you money! 
Requirements needed to get started
Please send me your ASIN, plus any additional details, features or benefits you would like to have added to the listing. 
Focus keywords
5 focus keywords
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Edit Title
Edit Bullet Points
Edit Product Description
HTML Product Description
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days