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Ultimate 100 Winning Products Research + FREE Bonus

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Jungle Saver is a power freelance team with a great reviews track record.  In this gig, find top winning products by bulk selling on Amazon before spending a fortune developing one private label product.  Every time you get an order, you purchase one product from the supplier and they ship it directly to your client.  This is called dropshipping.

► No UPC codes required.
► You set your profit margin!
► We do all the upload work.

Why pay a small fortune private labelling a product that may fail rather than testing 100 products to find a winning selling product to private label?

► Do you want great products to sell HUNDREDS of units monthly?
► Do you want products that have HIGH demand & LOW competition?
► Do you want products with a good track record + HIGH profit margins?
► Do you wish to find the hottest Amazon products to private label?
**100 uploaded bulk items is the ultimate way to find hot products!**

Jungle Saver is specialized in uploading many great products directly from the supplier ready for sale!

► Jungle Saver uploads 100 items from Aliexpress ready for sale
► Each Amazon order is dropshipped from the Aliexpress supplier
► You choose the category and/or products on Aliexpress and we upload them
► Once you find a hot Amazon selling product, you private label it!

Bulk products are the best method to find top Amazon sellers great for private labelling right away.  You may also choose to bulk upload hot upcoming seasonal items or non seasonal to maximize your monthly revenue.

**Please Note:  Once your items are uploaded to Amazon we provide your supplier list on Aliexpress, where you have full access to your products to edit them as you wish.  Our job is to upload the highest ordered products within a given category to help you find the best sellers. **
We are proud to have been selected by Jungle Market as a top freelance service.
  • Jungle Saver will work step by step at your pace
  • Jungle Saver has a positive reviews track record
  • Jungle Saver’s mission statement is to save money for Amazon sellers in all services we provide
  • Jungle Saver will also provide a FREE product development expansion pack to give you a boost above your competition
 Let’s make your Amazon store a roaring success.  Put the odds in your favor!
Order a gig now during our promotion.  A representative will contact you today to go over your preferred product selections for a perfect custom product fit.
3 to 7 days to be uploaded ready for sale

Our client portfolio consists of many winning products.  Our focus is your business success.

Do not hesitate to contact Jungle Saver today!

Best regards,
Jungle Saver 

FREE consultations!

Requirements needed to get started

- Choose categories and/or products from Aliexpress you would like uploaded
- Add Jungle Saver as a staff to upload products to your account
- Jungle Saver will upload 100 products which are 4.8/5.0 and higher 
- Jungle Saver will provide you the list of the suppliers 

Jungle Saver is proud to offer a cost effective research solution for Amazon sellers.  We've attached actual recent reports from a current patron's portfolio.
Private labeled products provided
More than 5 private label products
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
  • Can I mix and match categories?  Yes.
  • Can I edit / delete products? Yes.
  • What if I get too many sales?  There are automated seller response services and sales staff Jungle Saver can assist you with.
  • What if the product takes too long to ship?  As with all orders, mail issues occur from time to time in all businesses.  Jungle Saver selects suppliers that are 4.8/5.0 or higher in rating with a shipping time within Amazon's timeframe.  If you have any issues with a seller, you can delete their product at any time.
  • What do I do when I find a hot seller?  You then look into private labelling that item, sourcing it with another supplier and sending directly to sell on Amazon Prime
  • Can I make a lot of money Dropshipping?  There are sellers who have become millionaires with this sales strategy.  The bigger aim would be to identify winning private labelling opportunities as you are making money dropshipping in a win win scenario.
  • Who deals with the supplier?  Once your products are uploaded we provide the supplier list to you and you deal directly with the suppliers.
  • Do you offer revisions?  We will definitely re-upload 2 products if you wish to switch any items within our bulk upload service.  Once items are uploaded you can further develop product listings as you choose.
  • Is there any added cost to adding 100 items to my Amazon account? No.
  • What is my profit margin?  You set the margin.  Since you selling many products even a $10-$15 profit margin can generate good revenue as you analyze for the best seller to develop as a private label product.  This is a win win process.
  • Do I need UPC codes? No UPC codes required

  • How can Jungle Saver assist with order processing?  Jungle Saver can offer staff you can hire as your sales grow to take care of order processing and updating shipping.  There is also software which sends auto purchase notifications to your buyers. You may also discuss with the supplier if you may provide a CSV of your orders once per day (or as needed).

  • What does Jungle Saver do?  Upload High rated products 4.8 rating and higher, then provide you with the supplier list. Our staff is trained to upload products at a high velocity.
  • How do I start?  Contact us with your categories of preference, allow us access to upload and Jungle Saver does the rest.