Setup Non-Canadian Sellers to Collect Sales Tax on

If you plan on expanding your amazon business to sell on and you are selling over $30,000 Canadian dollars or about $24,000 US dollars worldwide (yes sales calculated in this figure), you are required to register to collect sales taxes in Canada!

I’m a Canadian CPA and I have helped a number of international clients get set up with the Canadian tax authorities, update their seller central settings and walk them through the reporting requirements.

If you are sending products to Canada you will be paying sales taxes when customs inspects it and by registering you will be able to claim these amounts back from the Canadian Tax Authorities.

Registering for a GST/HST sales tax account allows you to collect sales taxes across Canada in all provinces but also claim back any amounts paid on duties coming into Canada that customs would charge and even GST/HST that is paid on the FBA services.  Here is a video walking through the invoices you get from that you could start claiming back.

What I will provide:
  1. One on one skype or call to go over how sales taxes work in Canada in the various provinces, the rates, importing duties, what expenses can be refunded, and filing requirements.
  2. Completion of the initial application for GST/HST.
  3. Submission to the appropriate tax office depending on the state or country you are located in.
  4. Advice on how to potentially avoid posting a security bond/collateral with the government which could save you $3,000.
  5. Any follow up questions from the Canadian Government on the application.
  6. Completion of the second round of documents required after tax approval is granted.
  7. Walk you through how to update your setting in seller central.

Please note it often can take 30-45 days to get the number registered, sometimes faster.  My service includes the post follow up documents that will happen then.
Requirements needed to get started
  1. Contact details for one on one call/skype.
  2. Incorporation documents, business registration, resellers certificates to provide the correct information for your entity.
  3. Company owners and directors names, addresses and phone numbers.
  4. Company address.

Consulting hours
1/2 hour of consulting included
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
What is your experience?
-I am a Canadian CPA - Chartered Professional Accountant who specializes in online sellers.  I have a lot of clients who sell on amazon and understand not only the tax reporting requirements but also how amazon actually works.  We also sell on amazon for the past 4 years both on .ca and .com marketplaces so have a level of knowledge that makes us pretty unique and specialized.

Do you need to know my storefront name?
-Nope, no need to tell me.  I do know many clients, however I’m not going to steal your top sellers or tell anyone what you sell! 

Do I need to give you my Amazon login?
-Nope, I don’t require any of that.  I will complete the work but also send you a video showing how exactly to update your settings on your own.  Then I’ll just ask you test it after to make sure it is correct.

Do you file my return?
-Not in this package, however I do offer the service in another package and am happy to do it.