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Find your Competitor's Factory! Sourcing Research by a PhD


Finding a reputable supplier can be HARD and can take WEEKS or MONTHS.

Instead of searching, communicating with, ordering samples, and vetting suppliers for days and weeks and months, what if you could get a MASSIVE head start with a short list of suppliers already vetted by your supplier? This could say you an enormous amount of TIME and MONEY (you won't have to order as many samples). Get that head start for only $99.

- SPY ON YOUR COMPETITORS -> I will research your main competitors and try to uncover the factories that they are sourcing from. I will turn over that data to you. 
- DON'T REVEAL YOUR SECRETS -> I don't need to know your product.
- NOTHING TO LOSE -> If I'm not able to dig anything up, you don't have to pay. 

The factories I uncover may or may not be on alibaba or globalsources (I do not search those sites directly). I'm never quite certain what information I'll uncover. No guarantees on finding contact information - I'll leave that to you or may offer that service in the future. (Typically if you know the supplier, google can turn up something.) 

NOTE: My method is not fool-proof. I'm not always able to uncover a supplier. My research is more success if you are able to provide US-based competitors. 

Requirements needed to get started
I need to know your niche and your main competitors (5-10 of them, preferably US-based sellers).

Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Do you really have a PhD?

Yes, I'm a research PhD and also sell $30k - $50k / month on Amazon. I love uncovering secrets and discovering new things. :)