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Creative Product Photography

  • Price is varied, depending on difficulty or simplicity of shot.  Could range from $50 for a simple background to $300 or more for a complicated set up and extra props.
  • I will give you one creative shot that includes my input on how to style and set up a shot based on your desire for the outcome of the shot/idea.
  • I will collaborate with you on ideas for what you want in your image.
  • I will produce a quality image for your use on Amazon, cropped and optimized.
  • I will provide some props if necessary, or you may provide props you would like used in shot. 
  • I will ship all product and props back to you with a pre-paid label provided by you.
  • Job begins once I receive the product from you.
  • *Please, note. This is for a single product item only. Kits with multiple components include extra shots that will need to be price adjusted for a custom order. 
Requirements needed to get started
  • Product and any additional props you specifically want used that are unique and I may not have in my stash or can't obtain. 
  • Discussion with you on the idea or image you would like to create.
  • Pre-paid label for shipping all products and props back to you after images are approved and project is completed.
  • Availability for questions and discussion about any issues or ideas along the way of creating the shot. 
  • We will discuss if additional time is needed, based on any changes you make.
Number of images
1 image included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
3 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
What experience do you have creating these types of shots?
I have worked in the commercial photography industry for over 14 years shooting fashion and product.  Many of these shots included styling and shooting creative shots for online stores, email ads, mailers, and catalogs. I have a background in art, and produce many creative projects on my own in my spare time.

What if I'm not sure what I want in my image?  We can discuss ideas and possible props, along with the look and feel you want in the final image.  I can offer ideas to help your product look unique in the sea of image products out there that you are competing with online.

What if what I started out wanting costs more than what I end up getting done?  I will always make you aware of any upgrade costs and have them approved by you before we do any further shooting.  There will be no surprises, and I will write you up an additional custom order for any extras that must be approved by you before we proceed with them. We will discuss those additional prices before and agree before I write up any additional orders.