25 Wholesale Leads

I will provide 25 leads that meet the below criteria:

1.  At least 3 FBA Sellers on the product listing
2.  Product price at least $20
3. Product estimated sales at least 100 units per month
4. Not a big brand or household name

I will provide the following data for each lead:
1. Brand Name
2. Link to brand website
3. Link to Amazon listing

I only have direct experience successfully opening accounts in the US.  However I am willing to research CA and/or UK marketplaces using the same research process.  

Requirements needed to get started
No requirements needed but I strongly suggest you have completed the below steps before contacting brands:

1. Have a company name
2. Have a resale certificate for your state
3. Have a website
4. Have an email address associated with your website

You are free to provide some guidance regarding:
1. Categories
2. Min - Max price range of products
3. Min number of reviews per product
4. Min rating per product

I will try to stick as close as possible to any specific criteria you suggest but if it is too narrow then I will have to expand the search.

You are free to request a free sample of one search result if interested and want to have a better idea of what will be delivered.
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
1. Do you guarantee I will successfully open a wholesale account?
No, you can expect a high percentage of initial rejection. In my experience, I am able to open about 1 - 3 accounts per 25 leads that meet the criteria in this description.

2. Do you guarantee I will find profitable products with these leads?
No, you can expect to have to sort through hundreds or thousands of products before you find a profitable one. Fortunately, there are lots of tools to make this process somewhat efficient. Additionally, the more business you do with one supplier typically leads to better pricing, free shipping and/or credit terms.