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Product Inspection at your Chinese factory before you pay

We are a product inspection & Shipping Carton inspection company based in Shenzhen in China.  

We liaise with factories, suppliers and agents in China and do a full product order inspection at your suppliers location of your shipment and shipping cartons, before your shipment is paid for in full by you to your supplier. 
This will give you a chance to get your supplier to fix any issues that we have found so that you can get your product issues fixed before paying for your order and sending faulty stock into Amazon FBA reducing returns ,negativity and bad reviews toward your product on Amazon. 

We will supply you with a full report, images, videos of your order, warehouse, shipping cartons of any issues if found at your suppliers factory or warehouse, so that you can get these fixed ahead of time to stop any negative reviews from your customers before the general public receive your product.

Things that we will check for you: 

  • Right size weight and thickness 
  • Product functions well or not
  • Right details of products like logo and barcodes or any defects on these features
  • Check that the packaging is done as you required

For shipping cartons/boxes we check:

  • If any damages on the inner boxes shipping cartons/box's
  • All FBA labels and shipping mark's correct on shipping cartons/boxes
  • Shipping cartons/Boxes are strong enough to travel with your goods. 
  • For shipping cartons/boxes we check: 
  • Shipping marks and FBA shipping labels
  • How well the cartons are taped 
  • Cartons are strong or not
  • Cartons weight and size fit with Amazons receiving terms
  • If required a dropping test report from factory if the products are fragile.
  • Drop testing, sometimes we drop one or two cartons in factory, if any products broken, that is a fail, and we would have to ask factory to provide a better way for packing the goods. You don't want customers receiving broken goods during shipping to Amazon.   

We will also check any other specific issues that you would would like us to report on for example customer inserts and instructions or product packaging. 

We look forward to working with you!  

Why not check out our other gig on shipping out your goods with us from China to the US, best rates avalible Door to Door:  

1. Standard inspection fee is at USD $255 per time
2. New customers, we will provide 25% discount of the inspection, if you use our logistics service to ship goods out of China too.
3. For second order, the inspection discount at 50%, and at the same time to use our logistics service to ship goods out of China 
4. For return customers more than 3 times, we offer free inspection for 10 cartons, but need to use our logistics service to ship goods out of China
Requirements needed to get started
To start we please contact us and we will send you our form we you to fill in as much as you can in the red highlighted areas. 
We need the address of where your product is so we can work out how far its from us to go to inspect. 
Please tell us any specific areas that you would like us to concentrate on.
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Please note if inspection can't be done in a daily visit or there are any extra travel expenses we will notify you of extra costs before we work on your inspection. 
Please get in contact for any specifics that you may need inspected with your product or supplier.