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SEO Copy Edit | Meta Keyword Optimized | Message Tuning

Greetings! My name is David and I have over 10 years experience in sales and marketing, five years in international trade, and two years in Amazon Private Label Sales. Private Label is the opportunity of a lifetime and I want other entrepreneurs like you to succeed in the same way I have !

2018 Selling on Amazon has never been more competitive. Simply put, if you do not have solid copy  you will not be successful. Take action right now and hire an industry professional to fix your listing today. I firmly stand behind everything I produce. If you are not 100% satisfied, I don’t want your money.

Not all listings need optimizing. This service is only if your listing is getting very few monthly sales(<5-10). Please check with me before booking this. Changing some listings can actually be detrimental to sales.

What you are Purchasing:

In Depth Listing Copy Audit | Keyword Evaluation and Tuning | Not All High Ranking Keywords Matter
This is really why you should choose my service over potential competitors. I am most interested not in what you are selling but who you are selling to and how  you want to sell it to them. How and who your product is intended to target will dictate which high ranking keywords matter. For example, the difference in top keyword lists for bed sheets are wildly different if the target consumer is an adult, child, or elder. This may sound obvious, but I am consistently surprised at broad keyword lists targeting specific consumer groups. This leads to lower conversions and higher ppc costs.

Full Keyword Evaluation | Multiple Keyword Tools |  Metrics Based Analysis and Suggestions
I will evaluate your list of keywords and optimize based on not one but three custom keyword programs. I will present an new optimized list of words and an analysis on how you might better target undervalued 

Fully Amazon Compliant | Keyword Rich Title Edit | Five Edited Bullet Points | Edited Product Description
A new, functionally descriptive, keyword rich title will draw clients to your listing. Edited well crafted bullet points  will engage with prospective buyers and set you apart from competitors. Rich in high ranked keywords, your listing description will attract organic searches saving you money on PPC expenses and increasing your visibility.

I'm a perfectionist. I'm also not sensitive. If you need something changed or added, I am happy to work on it. If you are not 100% happy with the final product then I don't want your money. My work comes with a 100% money-back-guarantee.
Requirements needed to get started
- Product ASIN or link to your product page

*Answer some questions:
- What are your product features?
- What are your product benefits?
- Do you have a specific company ethos (Ex.We care most about the environment. We are funny. We prefer snob appeal)?

* These are optional. I can intuit the answers myself if you prefer.
Focus keywords
More than 10 focus keywords
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Edit Title
Edit Bullet Points
Edit Product Description
HTML Product Description
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
If you are so good at this, why is your price so much lower than the competitors?
- I am new on this platform and need to build up reviews and clientele. I am incentivising this by lowering my price. You are circumstantially getting a great deal!

Is this service for new listings only? My listing is old but I want to optimize and possibly redo everything.
- This service is for all listings both new and old. I am happy to change as much or as little as you like. I would be happy to discuss your current listing and what direction we might take it in.I love optimizing and goal based analysis.

Are you a native English speaker/writer? I am concerned about the tone of the project.
-  Yes I am! I was born and raised in the USA. Northern California to be specific.  I have a ton of both collegiate and professional writing experience.

Will you be snooping around my seller account? I'm concerned about my account privacy/security.
- I will not. Nothing I offer here requires me to log-in to your account. I will provide you a pdf document to copy and paste into your account.