Amazon PPC Management - 25% Off - Sky Rocket Your Sales!

Amazon PPC Management - 25% Off - Sky Rocket Your Sales!

                                ---25% off for a limited time---

Do you want more sales on Amazon and increased profit margins?

Have you been trying Amazon PPC without success or thinking about it but don't know where to start?

In 2018, you must be leveraging Amazon Sponsored Products in order to be as successful as you can be.

We will actively manage your campaigns to increase sales at low ACOS and in turn boost your product in the organic search results.

What We Do:

Campaign audit: We’ll review your current campaigns and identify immediate opportunities for optimisation. We’ll rebuild as necessary or make optimisations to existing campaigns.

Search term expansion: We’ll create a wide net so that you can start gaining sales from long tail low cost keywords and also focus in on the keywords generating the most sales.

Campaign optimisation: We'll start identifying best and worst-converting search terms so we can eliminate or improve unprofitable search terms and optimise bids and budgets to ensure you’re spending your money where it should be spent.

Keyword and campaign expansion: We’ll discover which search terms are converting best and start scaling your campaigns to maximise sales across as many profitable keywords as possible.

Here’s what you’ll get*:

 - 30-minute on-boarding call to discuss goals and expectations;
 - Complete campaign audit, set up and/or restructure;
 - 1 month's PPC management and optimisation for 1 SKU
- Easy to understand monthly reporting without the technical jargon.
Requirements needed to get started
- 30 minute call
- Follow up email instructions
Extras included
PPC Account Audit
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Expansion
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Progress Reports
Delivery time
Up to 30 days