The Ultimate Launch & Review Generator Service-All Inclusive

3Who Fails On Amazon?

in my opinion, Two types of people will fail on Amazon:

First,  those who always follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing,  they end up with the same results and most probably they're gonna FAIL.
 Second,  those who afraid to Change their old and outdated methods,  they blindly believe in them and  Sooner or later they'll be out of the game.
 Amazon is Changing constantly, it's getting more competitive and harder Every day, That's a fact.
  Here is something critical you need to consider:

 If you do your due diligence and Pick the product wisely, then you are Only ONE Step away from a money-making product.
       That step is LAUNCHING

You got two options for launching a new product:

First Option: do it in the old way, the popular one.
Give away your products on 90% Discount with one of the Famous and expensive launch services and run an E-mail follow-up sequence to LUCKILY get some unverified reviews.
  * In this case, you will end up with:
  1- Get Ranked temporary  for one maybe two of your main Keywords
  2- less than 5 unverified reviews ( Best case scenario )
  3- No customer list
  4- dependency to the launch service literally for ever
  5- High chance of falling off of the page one ( lack of social proof)
 Second Option: Do it Differently & Insanely More Effective.

  • Launch your product in a way that 90% of sellers are NOT EVEN AWARE OF.
  • Take advantage of the Power of Messenger Bots.
  •  Combine them with F.B Ads and just KILL IT.
  • Enter to your market like a Giant and Savage BULL!!!

  * In this case, you will end up with:

  1.   get ranked for MULTIPLE keywords and land on PAGE ONE, fast.
  2.  get dozens of reviews 100% within Amazon's T.O.S.
  3.  build social proof and Increase chance of sickness to the page ONE.
  4.  Start to build yours (not Amazon's) loyal customers.
  5.  Launch cheaper and cheaper every single time.
  6.  avoid getting bad reviews
Now, for you that read till here, most probably you going to select the SECOND OPTION to launch or Re-launch your products.

  you came to The Right Place.

  • I helped +100 of sellers to launch their products successfully Using Bots and F.B Ads.
  • I helped +100 of sellers to increase their review velocity up to 10x.
  • I have built a solid list of overall  40k subscribers
  • I know Bots fundamentally, way before ManyChat, I'm a bot developer since 2015 on telegram and WeChat platforms.

  What You Will Get:

  • I will set up a distribution coupon code system by delivering them to the RIGHT people and make sure they'll redeem it less than 12 hours.
  • I will set up Messenger bot follow up service to maximize review velocity
  • More Detailed:
  1. I will Set up the entire bot flows, Sequences, Growth tools, etc.
  2.  I will set up separate flows for sales, Happiness check and reviews.
  3.  I will set up coupon codes distribution system.
  4. I will maintain Bots for the first two weeks.
  5. I will set up the Initial F.B Ad campaigns. 
* Please note this package IS NOT included FB Ads campaigns optimization.  
6.  I will make Two Step store-front URLs to target the KW you wish to get rank for.

What Am I Going To Help You With?

  1. I will help you to have the highest chance of "immediate coupon redeem" which leads you to increase sales velocity up to 10x.
  2.  I will help you to provide THE BEST customer support by The instant-responding system.
  3.  I will help you to minimize the risk of getting deadly one-star reviews (assuming you are not selling crap).
  4. I will help you to believe EMAIL MARKETING IS DEAD.
  5. I will help you to INSANELY increase your sales velocity, reviews, and K.W's ranking.


  1. You are starting to build your own customers list
  2. You are starting to build a brand (if you wish to)
  3. You are Decreasing your dependency on Amazon
  4. You are going to have cheaper and stronger launches every time
  5. You are one of the very few who are taking advantage of the golden age of Chat Bots

Requirements needed to get started
1- F.B. Business page ( I'll help you to set up if needed)
2-F.B. Ad account number ( I help you to get it)
3- ManyChat Pro Account for $10/month.
4- Amazon's discounted coupon codes ( I'll help you to setup if needed).
5-FB Ads daily Budget (up to you)
6-product's thumbnail
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
I'm selling outside of the US marketplace, can I use your Service to launch?

Absolutely you can !! this way is THE PERFECT WAY for launching products internationally.
basically, international sellers only focus on PPC in order to launch their products. as you know PPC is getting more and more expensive every day, with my service you don't need to run any Early PPC. save up tonnes of money on PPC.

How about Hijackers?? Am I going to deal with them a lot?

  You are selling on Amazon and Hijackers are the downside of this business model,  you will deal with hijackers anyways and the best way to protect your self is by having a registered trademark and Amazon's brand registry program.
But, the following reasons will explain why  this method  won't increase the chance of getting hijackers on your fresh listing:
  1- in most of the cases, we are going to distribute 50% up to 70% off coupon codes which will keep us under hijacker's Radar.
  2- we are targeting people who are actually interested in your product not just random " bargain hunters" who buy it with 90% off and resell it under your listing.
  What If bots don't work?
I'm with you for the first 2 weeks, I'll check bots 
functionality multiple times a day to make sure everything is working perfectly, meanwhile if you notice any discrepancy or Dis-functionality,  just shoot me a message I'll fix it RIGHT AWAY.
  Do you guarantee page one landing and sickness?

I can't "guarantee" you will land on page one and stick there since it depends on many many factors, as well as the competitiveness of your targeted keyword and the product itself.
I'm helping you to send outside traffic to your listing by targeting specific keywords and generate enough initial sales which typically ends up on page one for the targeted KW.
I'm helping you to Increase review velocity which can help you to stick on page one.
you MUST be aggressive enough in your launch. ( we'll discuss this in detail upon your order.)

What if I don't get reviews?

I play 100% with Amazon's rules, and I strongly recommend you do the same. no one can't force people to leave a review or tempt them to leave one by offering free stuff in exchange for a review.
Messenger bots have dramatically HIGH OPEN RATE, C.T.R.  & C.V.R.  which is not even comparable with Email's numbers. you have MUCH MUCH HIGHER chance to get legitimate reviews by ChatBots rather than "Unread-removed" Emails
IF you have a product which worth to leave a review, therefore you have a good chance to get more.

Why should I use your service, not other's?
  •  I have the most comprehensive listing.
  •  I have the most competitive price.
  • I have tones of experience as a bot developer.
  • I helped 100's of people with their launches.
  • I know how to run the most effective Ads campaigns.
  • I care about you and your business.
  • I provide CRAZY support during the first TWO weeks.
     Do you offer any bonus?

      I'll help you to find your best keywords
      I'll share with you my secret weapon
      "what to do in  packaging phase?"

    Why your package is so expensive?
    If you think it's expensive to hire a Professional. wait to hire an Amateur.