Drive Outside Traffic Facebook Ads ManyChat

I help you to build a list of your own list of customers and grow it.
As a messenger marketing expert certified by ManyChat, the #1 Platform of messenger marketing in the world, I can implement the best strategy to launch PL products one after the other successfully.

Here is an outline of what I can help you with:

  •  setting up and management of your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • The Most Advanced ChatBots to drive you leads, sales
  • Coupon distribution system 
  • Full Price Launches
  • Deep discounted Launches
  • Customer service

Reach me out and I'd be more than happy to provide you comprehensive explanations.  
Requirements needed to get started
1-F.B. Business page FREE (I'll help you to set up if needed)
2-F.B. Ad account number (I help you to get it)
3-ManyChat Pro Account ($10/month)
4-Amazon's discounted coupon codes (I'll help you to set up if needed).
5-FB Ads daily Budget (up to you)
6-product's thumbnail, ASIN, the KW you'd like to get rank for
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days