The Ultimate Launch and Review Generator Service

Hey There!
Thanks for your interest in my service.

You went through all this hassle and hard work of finding and sourcing the right product, Good Job. However, you still have one Crucial step ahead which can either Kill or build your Business, and That's launching.

Here is my question for you

How do you want to bring your product to the first page? 

You might say,  PPC and Launch services out there, ABSOLUTELY, BUT 

How Much Longer are you going to rely on Other's platform?

When is the time to start building your list of customers and have a source of traffic? 

How much longer do you want to be Fully Depended on Amazon and "giveaway" platforms?

If you're treating this game seriously, then you need to build your list and your traffic source.

There are almost endless advantages when it comes to building your list of customers:

  1. Make custom and Lookalike audience based on your list 
  2. Reach them out and deal with customer support
  3. Provide Value to your list and start to sell full price
  4. Turn them to Your Loyal Customers

5. as your list grows, you can start to  Sell Outside of the Amazon platform and Build a genuine brand which you can rely on and support your family.

Why Build a Messenger List?

people are fed up with emails and landing pages
messenger marketing is THE FUTURE with Open Rate of +90% and CTR of +40%
(email: open rate 15%, CTR of 2%)
You can do it on your own, but if you like to let an expert take care of it, take 30 more seconds:

I have spent hours and hours studying, testing and experimenting with different strategies and structures, proudly I am a Messenger Marketing Expert, certified by manychat the #1 messenger marketing platform in the world, so I know what am I doing. 

By purchasing this gig, you get the following for 1 ASIN:

1. a FULLY PERSONALIZED chatbot to automate the whole process

  • Flows for sales, customer support
  • sequences, Keywords triggers
  •  AI integration 
  • ChatBot management 
  • The ultimate method to generate Legit Reviews

2. Facebook Ads Campaign

  • In-depth niche research to target the right people
  • Ad creative
  • Split tests
  • Campaign management 

3. Build and grow your list

Feel Free to reach me out in case of any questions; I'd be more than happy to help.



Requirements needed to get started
1-F.B. Business page FREE (I'll help you to set up if needed)
2-F.B. Ad account number (I help you to get it)
3-ManyChat Pro Account ($10/month)
4-Amazon's discounted coupon codes (I'll help you to set up if needed).
5-FB Ads daily Budget (up to you)
6-product's thumbnail, ASIN, the KW you'd like to get rank for
7- List of your existing customers on amazon (we discuss in depth about this)
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours