Pro Amazon Listing Optimization

Our Amazon trained copywriting team uses advanced keyword research and competitive analysis to create an engaging title for your listing.

What you'll get: 
  •  Title Optimization
  •  Bullet Points Optimization
  •  Description Optimization
  •  Amazon TOS Trained Copywriting
  •  Return Reason Analysis
  •  Customer Review Analysis
  •  Comprehensive SEO Analysis

What is Bullet Point Optimization?
Our Amazon trained copywriting team uses dynamic phrasing to succinctly communicate the key selling points and differentiators of your listing.

What is Description Optimization?
Our Amazon trained copywriting team uses dynamic phrasing to succinctly communicate the key selling points and differentiators of your listing.

What is Amazon TOS Trained Copywriting?
Amazon Terms of Service (TOS) are incredibly complicated- especially for copywriting. Each of our copywriters have undergone extensive Amazon specific training which educates them on how to navigate the TOS while creating compliant and dynamic pitch copy.

What is Return Reason Analysis?
One of the biggest tools we use when producing listing optimization and email follow-up sequences is the return reason analysis. Here we take a deep look into why customers are choosing to return a product and we create copy that proactively addresses these reasons  before and after the point of sale.

What is Customer Review Analysis?
Here we deep dive into customer reviews to figure out what past customers love about this specific product and what they dislike about the product. We consolidate this information and create copy that ensures that we emphasize the fact that your product contains the positive attributes while steering clear of the negative ones.

What is Comprehensive SEO Analysis?
Here we research your product keywords and perform a complete SEO audit to increase the probability that your listing will show up where customers are searching. In addition to including relevant keywords within your listing, our copywriters also provide you with backend keywords which can be injected in Seller Central.

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Requirements needed to get started
STEP 1: ORDER IS PLACED. Order process begins as soon as payment is received.

Step 2: SAMPLES ARE SHIPPED. After payment is made, a support representative will send detailed instructions on how to ship your samples to our studio. A follow up email will also include next steps for your project.

Step 3: CONTENT IS CREATED AND THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS! Once we receive your samples, our rockstar team of Amazon trained creatives plan, research and create highly converting content.

Step 4: FINAL OUTOUT IS DELIVERED. After 7-9 Business days, your deliverable will arrive in your  inbox. If any revisions are required we'll apply the changes and you can upload the content to your Amazon Listing. 
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
What is the process after I make a payment?
After payment is received you will be sent an automated email which include next steps for sending product samples (when applicable) as well as a request to provide more detailed information in regards to your product. Once all necessary information is received one of our project managers will be assigned to the project and will serve as your main point of contact until final delivery.

What is your standard turnaround time?
At Virtuous Graphics our standard turnaround time is between 7 to 9 days after receiving your product sample. Our company policy is to underpromise and over deliver. The turnaround time for our services is based on the collective volume we are experiencing during a given week. If you need the services of Virtuous Graphics on an accelerated time frame, we do offer rush services which can be fulfilled within 5 days at an additional fee. If you wish to purchase rush services, simply indicate your preference during the checkout process. 

How many revisions are permitted?
We can revise your artwork up to three times for free--but after that, we start to charge. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible on the creative brief so errors throughout the production process are avoided. Also, throughout the process, we like to stay in touch, so we can get regular feedback. The more you communicate with us, the better we understand your expectations, thereby limiting the amount of revisions you’d need.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the final product?
We try our best to be as communicative from the beginning of the process so we clearly understand your needs and vision. However, in the case that a revision is necessary, we do offer up to 3 complimentary revisions. Throughout the production process we like to stay in touch so we can get regular feedback, making sure you stay "in the loop" with what's going on. Overall, the more you communicate the details of your likes, dislikes, and design "taste buds", the better we understand your expectations, thereby delivering a product you're very happy with.

What is your cancellation policy?
All orders are fully refundable up until the point in which production begins. If you made an order by mistake and would like to have it cancelled please send an email to [email protected] and a member of our team will process your cancellation.