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I Will Write A Professional Amazon Product Listing with EBC

Successful Amazon listings begin with making your product stand out from the competition. From messaging to keywords to format, small details can mean the difference between making a sale and losing out to a competitor.


 3.5 years of sales, advertising, and promotion writing
♣ Completed Nearly 2000+  with 99% approval rating
♣ Completed more than 5000+ product listings

1.We write to sell products; not meet strict word counts.
2. We don't give refunds. If we do the work, just ask for revisions.
3. Please contact me first if you have an active listing.

Requirements needed to get started
1) Brand Name
2) Product Link [optional]
3) Product Pictures [optional]
Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Do you provide examples of your listings?
I don't provide samples of my listings because anyone could just link an Amazon page and claim they wrote it. I prefer to rely on the thousands of positive reviews across my listings. If, however, that doesn't sway you, you can search Embrava products on Amazon.