Messenger Code Insert Get In Touch With Your Customers

Hey Seller...

Did You Know...?

Putting the proper insert card into product packaging is The GAME CHANGER in 2019?
Print A Scannable Messenger Code On Product's Insert and SEE THE MAGIC


the customers who purchased your product scans the code on the insert card by garbing their mobile next to them on the coffee table or in their pocket.

they'll have an interactive chat with your bot

if anything is wrong with the product, you'll be notified IMMEDIATELY instead of getting a one star review 

10 days later ask for a review in One Friendly Message  (you'll see it's power)

WAIT... Haven't finished yet

every one who scans the code will join your audience list
I'm sure you know how VALUABLE an audience list is
What you will get?

  • I Will setup Two Separate Comprehensive Bot Flows. one for dealing with product issues and  asking reviews.
  • I will get your Scannable, Unique F.B messenger code.
  • I will maintain and monitor Bots functionality for TWO WEEKS.

I'm gonna help you to:

  • customers get INSTANT respond.
  • fix any potential issue IMMEDIATELY in order to minimize the risk of getting DEADLY 1 Star Reviews.
  • Maximize review velocity
  • Any one who scans the code will join your list so you can start to build your list of costumers,   Re-target the existing list for the future launches.
  • Please Note: Amazon could technically take this as TOS violation, take it on your own risk.

    How to provide the Ultimate Customer Support? 

    1- The E-mail way,  The Old-Dangerous-Useless One.

    The following reasons will explain why this is THE WORST  option when it comes to customer support:

  • Email marketing is Dead:
(You just don't want to believe it)

  1. Emails have lost their effectiveness over years, they become Over Saturated.
  2. Over 65% of commercial emails have the same destiny of " Unread-Trashed". (probably you're doing the same).
  3. It's almost Impossible to provide Instant-Responding support.
  4. You never see the buyer's info.
It could be potentially dangerous ( According to Amazon's T.O.S update sellers are allowed to send ONLY ONE followup email)

2- The Messenger Code way, The Insanely Effective One.

Following reasons will explain why this is THE BEST and THE FUTURE when it comes to marketing and customer support:

  1. NO One Use them, You'll be one of the very few.
  2. they are the future of Emails and THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME to go after them.
  3. they have Ridiculously High Open rate and CTR.
  4. Buyers will get Instant respond with their phones.
  5. you'll start to build a solid list of yours ( Not Amazon's) customers.
  6. Maximize review velocity, 100% Within Amazon's T.O.S.

What Am I going to help you with?

  •  I will help you to provide The Ultimate customer support by the instant-responding system.
  •  I will help you to minimize the risk of getting deadly one-star reviews (assuming you are not selling crap).
  • I will help you to believe EMAIL MARKETING IS DEAD.
  • I will help you to INSANELY increase your review velocity.


  1. You are starting to build your own customers list
  2. You are starting to build a brand (if you wish to)
  3. You are Decreasing your dependency on Amazon
  4. You are going to have cheaper and stronger launches every time
  5. You are one of the very few who are taking advantage of the Golden Opportunity of Chat Bots

Requirements needed to get started
1-F.B business page (FREE)
2-Manychat Pro Account $10/month 
Cover type
Not Defined
File formats provided
Extras included
Back & Side
Source File
3D Image
Commercial Use
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions

I'm selling outside the US, can I take advantage of your service?

Absolutely. BUT if your selling in a non-English speaker country you need to have a translator.

What if I don't get reviews?

I play 100% with Amazon's rules, and I strongly recommend you do the same. no one can't force people to leave a review or tempt them to leave one by offering free stuff.
Messenger bots have dramatically HIGH OPEN RATE, C.T.R. & C.V.R. which is not even comparable with Email numbers. you have MUCH MUCH HIGHER chance to get legitimate reviews Using ChatBots rather than "Unread-Trashed" Emails.
IF you have a product which worth to leave a review, therefore you have a good chance to get more.

  What If bots don't work?
they work..we test everything multiple times together,just make sure the graphic designer does the job properly and you'll be good 

 Why your package is so expensive?
 If you think it's expensive to hire a Professional. wait to hire an Amateur