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1 Successful Amazon Private Label Product

One product that will be a profitable private label product.
 Product will be based on the following criteria
1. Selling price- $20- $50
2. Reviews- Less than 75 reviews 5 out of Top 10 sellers
3. Weight- Under 2 lbs
4. Category- Any
5. Monthly sales- 250 units per month
6. Alibaba suppliers
7. High Demand/Low competition

I specialize specifically in Amazon private labeling. I currently have my own brands on Amazon.

Your private label business is based on product research.jMy success as an FBA seller is in large part due to product research. When you work with me you work you are choosing somebody who has made every mistake on as FBA beginner that you can imagine. It takes money to make money so I understand that every dollar matters when launching a product. I will help you to find a product that meets the criteria of a good selling product.

Product research done right requires a significant time investment. Our experience combined with our passion for this business model will make it worth the time.

Requirements needed to get started
Please message before ordering if you have any specific requirements to fulfil
Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
  1. What is your experience?

We are a team of experienced private label sellers. We have our own successful products on store which are profitable and rank highly on the first page for our main keywords. We use the same techniques to find your products as we do to find ours.

2. what Amazon marketplaces do you currently research products for?

I only work with US customers right now