Single Lifestyle Image With Infant/Toddler (Newborn-3 years)

Does your product require the use of an infant or toddler for photos?
Lifestyle images of children 0-3 are $100 per shot.
**Infant model fee of $25 to be sent via PayPal
I'm happy to build a custom package to your specific needs.
Need multiple babies/ages or photos of mommy with baby? I have you covered! (Just send an additional $25 per model fee via PayPay.)
Let's get started scheduling cuties to help advertise your product!
Requirements needed to get started
1. Send your product to:
Jessica Smith
BFF Photography
614 Main Street
Dalton, NE 69131

2. Please let me know the age range and gender of the child(ren) you'd like for your photos.
Let me know your requirements for models ASAP so I can begin scheduling the shoot and working around model availability.

3. Send the $25 model fee per-model sent via PayPal to fund any models.

4. Provide a detailed, numbered shot list.
Shot 1: Baby on white background, sitting wearing product.
Shot 2: Baby standing, wearing product
Shot 3: Lifestyle image on carpeted floor with baby interacting with product.
Infant shoots demand extra special care and attention. If the baby model is not content, the entire shoot can be easily ruined. It is imperative that I have a clear idea of what your hopes are for the shoot/poses so I can work quickly to capture everything we need during that shoot. 

5. Hang back and let me take care of the hard part!
Your images will be delivered within 7-10 days. Because I typically book a backup model in the event of an unhappy baby on shoot day, I like to give myself a small cushion of time to complete your project with photos I am proud of! 

Number of images
1 image included per package
File formats provided
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
How do I create my shot list?
Think of how you want to display your product. Have a clear idea of what makes your product stand out for your potential customers, and build from there. What product features do you want to focus on? Great quality or stitching? Size?  Does your product have extras? Special packaging? Nobody knows your product better than you!
Dive into your competitor's images and feel free to send on the ones you like to me as examples/reference images to work from. I can not promise to 100% duplicate your example images, since infants can not be asked to pose a certain way/smile/sleep, but we will work to the best of our abilities with the model to capture similar images to the ones that caught your eye. You can be sure you will receive high quality images that we are proud of.

Do you provide composite images?
Composite images are not included in this package price. I can create composite images for you. The charge to compose a composite image is $30. Each photo within the image is charged at the regular rate of $75 per shot. You receive all of the images used as well as the assembled composite image.(This cost does not include infographic/text work.)

Can you do infographics?
Infographics are not included in my package price. I accept infographic work on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in infographics, please send me an example photo of what you'd like so I can quote your project. Infographic costs begin at $30.

How will I get my images?
 Your images will be delivered via a Google Drive folder link, allowing easy access to download from any computer. I will store the files in the Drive folder for up to one week. Please make sure to download your images immediately. After two weeks, your folder is not guaranteed to be accessible, as I am a high volume studio and am consistently deleting prior images to make room for new.

Do you store my images?/Can I request images you've taken for me in the past?

No. Beyond my one week period to download your files from Google Drive, I do not store photos for clients on a long-term basis. Please download your images upon completion and take appropriate measures to protect your images across a number of computers and/or digital storage devices.

What kinds of items have you shot?
Just about everything under the sun! I've shot baby blankets, toys and makeup, jewelry and clothing, home decor, camping supplies, food items, healthcare items, and even NSFW XXX products. You can have faith that I've got what it takes to provide crisp images of your item, whatever it may be!