A Picture's worth a 1000 words

For this Package, we will edit your product photo, add infographics and put it in a cool lifestyle looking background. 

Infographics use text callouts to highlight key features and unique selling points of your product. They serve a wide variety of purposes such as providing a competitor comparison, showing product sizing information, highlighting product benefits, showcasing appropriate product applications and many more.

Lifestyle photography helps educate your consumers about the product’s size and scale, and how the product would fit into their lives. As we are not taking the picture, with this small budget package, we will tweak with photoshop and create a lifestyle with the product that looks the most natural possible. 

We can do up to 6 product pictures. 

Requirements needed to get started
A picture of the product in a white background
File formats provided
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours