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Listing Optimization + Create Converting Copy

*Read My FAQ's Below to Read What I Offer*

The most important variable to success in Amazon FBA is creating copy that ACTUALLY CONVERTS! If you don't create converting copy:

  • Your product will never populate for organic searches. 
  • You will only depend on spending money on your ads to make a sale. 
  • No one will ever find your product even if they type in exactly what they're suppose to!

Don't do this to yourself, Order my package NOW and let's get your listing looking Professional & Competitive! 

**Message me before ordering if you'd like me to conduct a FREE Account Audit on your ASIN!

Gabriel Thornton 
USA, Metro Atlanta
TheeAvenue LLC
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Frequently asked questions
Q: What Do You Offer?

1) Search Engine Optimized Title: Using my advanced techniques I will discover the most effective keywords for your market, product, and listing.

2) Advice on Product Photography: I personally don't have photography experience, but I will point you in the right direction if your photos need help. Your photos are CRUCIAL to the success of your listing!

3) Keyword Rich Bullets: Your bullets are important because this is usually the farthest your customers will read. This is where we answer all objections they might have to your product!

4) HTML Converted Description: Here I will make sure we put our final touches on Educating the customer and making sure we've hit the rest of the keywords we may not have used in the title, description, or bullets.