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A product page is designed to provide information for the user, usually information about your product and features. The content is usually very general, as its mission is to appeal to the masses. It should introduce your brand, educate your customer on your product, and provide links to complete a sale, helping the visitor understand your brand, and create a lead to share with other customers in the near future.

This will enhance your customer experience in the long run. Studies show that the longer a consumer spends on your product page/listing the more likely they're going to make a purchase. Our customer report a 55% increase in conversion for items featuring a promotional product page/listing on Amazon.

See an example video clip below.
Requirements needed to get started
Project Assets: All digital assets required for the completion of the project must be provided in appropriate electronic format when placing your order. 

For first-time customers: Contact me to discuss your products before you place your order. I will work very hard to align expectations with you and your brand/vision. So, we can get on the same page. This will give us a better opportunity  to get more in depth about your brand/ product etc. If project timelines don't allow the time to start conversation.  All I need is for you to fill out a short creative questionnaire. It will help me get a better idea of your vision or idea as I begin with the design progress.

Thx in advance for the opportunity to work with you :)    
Extras included
Source File
Commercial Use
Sales Funnel
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
  • Why do I need to contact you?
We need to have a conversation about your products, features, and your vision. We want to make sure that both parties involved are on the same page. Explaining what your concept/product does and how it works will have some impact on how I design it for the future. 

  • How do I know I will like the final project?
I will message you with a few concepts before final output, and if you are available to review right away. You can give me your approval. If you're not satisfied, then I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that states your money will be returned (less the Jungle Market fee) if you agree to delete and not to use the item delivered.

  • What is my work experience?
I have been working in the area of marketing/B2C for 15 years now, and I specialize in creative solutions within the digital media space as a consultant. I would like to do the same with you as well.  Want to learn more about me and my professional background. Just click on the link: