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Why Are Stock Photos Used?
There's two main reasons to use stock photos for your projects instead of hiring a model agency and set up shooting day with backgrounds ETC. to shoot custom photos for you:

  • They save time: stock photos are already created, post-edited and ready to be downloaded and used. all we do is insert your item on the stock images
  • They save money: stock photos, much lower cost than that of hiring the services of a photographer.

With stock photos you simply pay for an image, we  will download it and use it and compose your item on it, instead of having to wait for a longer  turnaround time, which can be significantly longer according to the project's specifics.
Plus Royalty Free is a one-time-pay license model with very flexible usage rights, and the price falls at way under $30 per image plus our Photoshop fee on top of it, versus the hundreds or even thousands it would cost to commission a photo shoot. There's other additional benefits, but these two points are enough for every day more customers to choose stock photos for their projects.

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Amazon Listing with 7 windows (Package one)

1.(Product on White) MAIN IMAGE
2.(Image) PRODUCT IN USE using appropriate props/background
3.(Image) BACKGROUND LIFESTYLE/Still-Life using appropriate props/background
4.(Product on White) ANGLE AND PERSPECTIVE
5.(Image) BACKGROUND LIFESTYLE/Still-Life using appropriate props/background
6.(Repeat White) SIZE RATIOS and/or dimensions

Number of images
1 image included per package
File formats provided
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days