Get access to the most updated methods to rank, launch, market and expand your Amazon business.

40 pages- comprehensive guide. No need to watch hours of videos, simply refer to this guide on every step of the process.

You'll learn:
How Amazon's Ranking System Works- Learn about Amazon’s search algorithm, what triggers rankings, and how to rank your listings as high as possible in search- fast.

How to get honest reviews fast- Learn what is the fastest and most legit way to get product reviews on autopilot! No need to violate any rules, learn how to handle negative reviews.

What are giveaways and how to use them properly- You’ll learn all about giveaways and how to use them to boost your initial rankings on Amazon. I'll cover the best ways of giving away products.

How to use order inserts and email automations- Learn how you can build your email list and use your email list to get more sales for free, learn how to use order inserts to expand your business.

How to expand beyond Amazon and sell products online- Learn how to expand your Amazon business off-Amazon and into your own branded website.

How to launch your products successfully- I will show you what are the different methods to successfully launch your product and keep your rankings after your initial launch.

How to leverage Social media to get sales- You'll learn how to use organic and paid social media to launch and rank your products, build your community, establish your brand awareness and get more sales.

How to choose influencers and bloggers- Learn how to choose the right influencers and blog sites in your niche, how to contact them and how to get them to recommend your products.

How to add value to your products and get a competitive edge- You'll learn how to add value to your products and bring back your buyers to buy more of your products.

What tools and resources can help you get to the next level- Learn what are the most effective tools and techniques and how to use them in your Amazon business.

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