Product Research DIAMOND Package | 5 Product Ideas + BONUS

❌ - Are you having trouble finding the right product? 
❌ - Are you un sure of what metrics to looks for in the product research phase? 
❌ - Is product research taking too much time? 
❌ - Has it been months and you still haven't found the right product yet? 

I am the Amazon Product Researcher - I am a 6 Figure Amazon Seller that specialize in helping Amazon Sellers find the right product within their criteria with the right demand and the right competition.

You may have heard about doing product research by targeting high demand and low review items. But, have you ever thought that almost every seller follows this approach? in that case, wouldn't you be launching the same item as every other sellers?

There is more to product research than just high demand and low review items. 

In order to compete within Amazon's rapidly growing market place, sellers will need to think outside the box in order to find the right product.

Just by doing product research focusing on high demand and low competition is not enough to build a sustainable Amazon business.


✔  5 Products Ideas
✔  Products with the right competition reviews
✔  Products with the right demand
✔  Products Based on your criteria
✔  Products within Price Range you want to target
✔  Product Validation - will make sure it is not a seasonal product
✔  A supplier from Alibaba - I will contact and find a supplier for you on Alibaba
✔  Light/Heavy items - will target items based off your critera


✅ - Launch the right product
✅ - Product stats will be provided
✅ - Save Time
BONUS INCLUDED - Product Image Tips that will help you to increase your on page conversion rate.

Contact me to Find the Right Product for you today! ✅

Requirements needed to get started
1- What is your preferred Amazon selling category?

2- What is your Amazon product selling price range? (i.e. $18-$55)

3- Do you have a product size preference? Small, medium, big, or any size as long as its profitable.

4- Any specific criteria you want us to follow? if yes, what are the criteria?
Private labeled products provided
5 private label products
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
Which marketplaces do you research?

We mainly target the US Market Place.

How long does it take you to deliver each report?

A research report usually takes about 7 days.

Why should I hire you?

- We target items out side the box (so you will not be launching the same product as everyone)
- We base our research based off the criteria you give us. Can target specific niches/categories you want us to.
-We provide tips on how to rank for the product idea.