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Amazon Brand Stores

Amazon stores are an NEW option for sellers on the Amazon site to more effectively advertise their products.

Now that Amazon A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content are the norm
(and you should really already have those implemented, if you don't have it you can follow its link:
the A+ / EBC package is now just for $380. 
(Not the Amazon Brand Stores package)

it’s time to take it to the next level with Amazon Stores. 
Price $500 per package

What are Amazon Stores?
Amazon Stores is a premium self-service product that allows brand owners to design and create multi page stores to showcase their brands, products and value proposition on Amazon. 

How Do They Look?
Amazon Stores are comprised of one or more pages. Each page is comprised of a header and footer surrounding a number of content tiles.

First, you need to select a template you want for your store. These include:
  • Blank: Provides you with full customization with the layout.
  • Product Grid: Allows you to showcase a vast array of products.
  • Highlight: Permits you to show one primary product in addition to related items.
  • Marquee: Promotes several different product lines and acts as a sub-brand or brand gateway page.

Once you decide what template you want, you can then edit anything you want in the builder. There is the primary Page Manager, which gives you full optimization of the pages within the store. The Preview Window allows you to see how the store looks like as it is edited now. A status bar is provided to show any error messages as they come up. Finally, there is a title manager, which allows you to customize the tiles themselves.
** It is important to remember, I only design the tiles images to the store, I can not build the store for you. The store is built in your personal Amazon account.
package Includes two products. 
in this package you will get per product:
  • Brand logo 400x400px
  • Homepage banner 3000px x 600px
  • 5 images
      Full width 3000x1500
      Large 1500x1500
      Medium 1500x750
      Smail 750x750
  • Layout design After selecting the template I will preview layout for your Amazon Store
   So you can see the finished product.

Requirements needed to get started
Before we start I need:
  • Logo in AL or PDF format
  • High quality images of the product.
  • Product description, and main features in World format
Extras included
Source File
Commercial Use
Sales Funnel
3 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
I am working as an independent/ freelancer packaging designer for both large and small businesses for more than 10 years so you will get your Infographics design done by a professional designer.
I believe that quality is the number one aspect of any project which can not be compromised and this is clearly seen in my work, giving my clients the satisfaction they deserve!