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Extensive Keyword & Competitor Research - For 1 Product

Doing keyword research is one the most important factors for ranking your product and ensuring your listing is fully optimized with keywords that actually convert.

Trust me, I know how overwhelming it can be trying to figure out which keywords rank high and which ones are duds.  But luckily for you, I've figured all of that out and know EXACTLY which keywords you need to make your listing thrive.

Don't risk trying to do it all your self and miss out on top converting keywords that could be making you money.

Here's what I will do for you:

Using paid keyword research tools I will send you a list of over 500 relevant keywords for your product. 
  • Broad and phrase match types search volume
  • Pull keyword ranking information from the top competition
  • Number of giveaway units in order for you to rank #1 for that specific keyword
  • Highlight the top keywords you should focus on within the listing copywriting 

Requirements needed to get started
Your product 
Competitors researched
5 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Q: Why should I hire you?
A:  Great question.  It's very important to find the right freelancer for the job.  I have been selling and working on Amazon for over 4 years and have written hundreds of best selling listings while staying 100% compliant with Amazon's rules for product listings.

I know all the ins and outs of selling on Amazon, proper keyword research and listing optimization.