2020 Updated Amazon Success Strategy | Strategy Report

The Amazon marketplace is changing. Gone are the days where you only needed to find a niche with hot potential to effectively profit immediately. They're gone.

Not only has the amount of PL sellers doubled over 2018, you now have Chinese manufacturers launching direct to market - effectively cutting out the middle man. So now you have PL sellers competing against an influx of rival PL sellers, but products being launched from the suppliers themselves at margins us PL sellers could never compete with.

But there is still one major problem that faces all sellers, regardless of the position they enter the market from.

As soon as you launch a product on Amazon, you have 0 reviews.

If you have no reviews, you're going to struggle to secure organic sales because customers often require social proof from fellow customers to give them a level of confidence in the product they are about to purchase.

But how do you secure reviews? There are a handful of platforms out there that, once you have invested in their services, will expose your product to potential reviews - which is fine with Amazon. But you can't bribe people and you can't ask people close to you to help you out as this goes against Amazon's terms of service.

What if I told you that the plan we have detailed within our report could do the following;

✔ Launch your product on Amazon and within a few days have a handful of 5-star, genuine reviews from people who love your product

✔ Not only will Amazon be fine with this approach, but they would very well support it!

✔ As a result of this, your product is going to rank higher quicker, gain organic sales faster and will keep generating its review momentum to fly higher than every other listing in your market

✔ You control your brand so that it is not completely at Amazon's mercy

✔ Will super-charge your marketing by giving you direct access to millions of potential customers that will become more refined with every sale

... and that's just the short-hand version! The secret to unlocking all of this (and more!) is contained within our report.


Before you purchase this report, you need to keep in mind that this approach is going to require a little more investment of your time and money.

Your reward is going to be one of the most bulletproof approaches to launching a PL brand on the market. If you want guaranteed success with your PL venture, then failing to take this path is setting yourself up for failure.

We've tried and tested this method ourselves. We've also tried it with the brands we have worked with directly. It works. That's why we've consolidated this information into a report and is now available for purchase.

The value of this information is only going to increase in time (as people run into the problems we've detailed earlier more frequently) so take this opportunity to get in before everyone finds out.

If you have any questions or concerns - then get in touch with us and we'll happily talk with you!
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Frequently asked questions
1. Does this strategy work with every product category?

Yes - it does! Gated or ungated, it doesn't matter.

2. Can I use this strategy if I am looking to take my existing products and launch them onto the Amazon marketplace?

Definitely! We recommend that you talk to us first so that you can share your story and we can help provide further assurances!

3. How long before I receive the report after I make my order?

Within 12 hours of us accepting your request, we will send you the report!