Improve your Product Conversion Rate

WHAT IS IT: I will review your Product Listing page (on Amazon or your own e-commerce store) and provide you with a list of recommendations to increase the sales conversion (for example, instead of seeing 5 order for every 100 views, you'll get 10 orders for every 100 views). I will review: 
- your title
- your bullet points
- your description
- your images
- your reviews
- your promotions
- your brand name
- any other elements in your control

WHY BUY IT: You probably have many visitors viewing your product listing page but very few actually buying it, sometimes even less than 1%.
This is where conversion optimisation comes into play. By increasing your conversion rate even by a little bit, you can double your sales overnight.

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: a PDF with my recommendations.

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Requirements needed to get started
A link to your existing product listing.
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
This is not a keyword research package but instead a package to maximise the number of orders from visitors already viewing your product listing page.