The Smarter Approach To PPC In 2019 For Savvy Amz Sellers

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2019 is here and with 1,029,528 new sellers joining Amazon last year, it’s time to get smarter when it comes to PPC spend.
Sign up for our unique and insightful PPC Audit report and you'll have a crystal clear picture of how your ads are really performing and a bold plan of action to out think your market.

We Back Our Work:
If on receiving your report and the 45 minute advising call, you do not think it will help your PPC improve, we will refund your purchase.
Not only that, 90 days after implementing our recommendations, you don't see an improvement, we'll refund your payment. Simple

Book an appointment to talk through your product with us (see requirements section to see what we need)

So What Can This Report Deliver For You?
  •  A thorough understanding of where, when, how and why your PPC is or isn’t working for your business. 
  • 23 years of collective experience, 7 custom analysis techniques and 50+ metrics go into giving you an in-depth and informative analysis of PPC and search terms and search term relevancy. We are pretty sure you've never seen your seller central data in this way.
  • Know which keywords, adgroups are the most lucrative in 1 glance
  • Custom recommendations for your campaign structure. 1 size rarely fits all properly.
  • Search terms that drive traffic to your listing (we also let you know which search terms you are not indexed that your top competitors are indexed for - if applicable)
  • Keyword relevancy analysis. Are you indexed for the right search terms that drive traffic to you listing? 
  • Customer geographic map. See where your customer's are coming from with a heat map that overlays number of orders and profitability by state (region if Non-US). Some people actually charge for this, we are giving it for FREE as part of this report.
  • 2 calls. A 30 minute call for intros and clarification and then the biggie - 45 minute advising call.

Some Use Cases Of the Report From Our Clients
  • This report is actually part of our on-boarding process for our clients. It helps to inform direction and strategy for our marketing management services, along with several other on-boarding exercises we do.
  • If you’re adventurous, can deploy Facebook or Google ads to your most lucrative regions. Drive your own traffic at a lower ACoS.
  • Deploy strategies to help you avoid bidding wars. You can’t keep just upping your bids, there’s always a smarter way.
  • Improved conversion rate after redoing your listing to match the customer's intent and use case.
  •  Complete CONTROL of you adspend, you'll get recommended SKAGs* to deploy in double time. 
  • List of Negative keywords to use in auto campaigns, reducing costs of auto campaigns.
  • A road map for weekly PPC management that you can follow with ease.

Limited Time Offer
First 15 customers or by Jan 31 (whichever comes first)
This is part of OUR launch campaign on Jungle Market and so the price is discounted and availability limited. 

After Jan 31, we will go back to our normal price.
This post was made on Jan 2 (15 slots available)

Do Not Book This Service If:
  • You have less than 90 days of sales history.
  • Your PPC budget is below $500 per month (The ROI on price of services just won't work for you)
  • You don't follow through on plans - sorry, not sorry. Part of the service includes a guarantee based on your implementation of recommendations.

Book This Service If:
  • 2019 is your year to work smarter and drive real results
  • You want to work with a professional team that cares about your business as much as you, with aligned goals and objectives
  • You want to get clarity of purpose on how to manage your PPC this year.
  • Set the appointment here to discuss your business.
(Please note all charges will go through Jungle Market. The appointment link is to simply make it easy for you to arrange a call. We will not entertain an offer for outside platform payments in any form. This is to protect both us and you, our potential client).

Who are we?
I'm Ralph, the principal for our tight knit boutique agency that focuses on PPC management on the 3 major ads platforms. Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Our certified team of 3 ad buyers, 2 copywriters and 1 designer have a combined 23 years of experience.

On Jungle Scout, you will primarily work with me and I'll call in the other team members as needed.

We are not guru's, self described experts or fly by night operators looking to make a quick buck. We are just professional ad buyers. Our small cozy agency, is focused on delivering profitability for our clients.

Our promise to you is simple. If we cannot make you more money, we won't take your money.

If you like what this report can deliver. Book an appointment before clicking the buy button.


Ralph Sibanda
(Principal - Puresgnl_ai The Agency Collective)

*SKAG - Single Keyword Ad Group
Requirements needed to get started
  1. Seller central Sponsored Product Campaign access 
  2. Your top 3 competitors
  3. Your ASIN  backend keywords (this is to avoid us getting access to your listing and keeping our access only to your sponsored product campaign data)
  4. Orders Report for at least last 90 days.
Extras included
PPC Account Audit
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Expansion
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Progress Reports
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
Why is this report only 2 pages:
  • Cause we take the time to find the 20 that will give you the 80. No fluff.

What's up with that double guarantee?
  • We stand behind it. We've been in this game long enough that we know what we have here is a report that will change your PPC profitability for the good

What's included in the offer?
  • 1 product and up to 20 SKU (talk to us if you are slightly over the SKU limit )

Is this really limited time, or you just trying to cause false scarcity?
  • We all sellers here. This is part of our launch strategy. Once we hit either 15 audits or Jan 31. we will pull down this listing. Simple as