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Learn the 18 Secrets of Influencer Marketing Success + Q & A

Influencer marketing, if done correctly, can single handily be the biggest catalyst for business, private label and e-commerce growth. There are many young savvy brands who are using Influencer Marketing almost exclusively as their sales/marketing strategy. It is powerful, and can have an incredible ROI that delivers tremendous business success and growth. (And best of all, the majority of e-commerce sellers and private label brands haven't caught on yet!) 
Over the years, I’ve learned many lessons through experience - some through hard fought battles and some through costly mistakes. To save you time, effort and heartache, I’ve compiled this list of 18 secrets for success that I use every day in my agency’s fine-tuned Influencer Marketing formula. I’ve made this compilation applicable to e-commerce sellers, marketers, agencies, brands, individuals and influencers, and I hope you will find value in it. Enjoy! 
In addition to the 18 Secrets I am providing you with on free email Q & A opportunity where you can email up to five questions specifically about influencer marketing and/or relating it to your specific business. 
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 I just need your email so I can send your the 18 Secrets E-Book. After that, you can reply to that email with up to five free email questions and I will reply. 
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Frequently asked questions
 • What is influencer marketing? 
Please find this article I wrote for the Huffington Post about influencer marketing to learn more: 
  • Why is influencer marketing so important with e-commerce and private label? 
Influencer marketing is still somewhat under the radar for many e-commerce brands and private label sellers. Because of this there is tremendous untapped potential and the opportunity to crush competition. 
  • Can you tell me more about the email Q & A bonus part of this package? 
This is a unique opportunity where you can ask up to five questions specifically about your business and influencer marketing. 
  • Do you offer Influencer Marketing campaign management? 
Yes of course, but this package is a great way to learn about the formula yourself and decide whether you want to do it on your own or hire it out. 
  • Who are some of your clients? 
I've worked with dozens of successful Amazon sellers and brands in addition to business of all shapes and sizes. (Including many Fortune 500 companies designing and consulting for their global brands.) See more here: 
  • Can you share some examples of happy clients? 
Yes, I've worked with many Amazon and e-commerce brands in addition to many more. Please see my website for testimonials, case studies and additional information: 
  • What regions do you work with? 
This service is global and customized to all regions. I can give you insights on how to reach your customer base in your specific region.