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Don't Just Dabble - Go Deep. Get Any Amz Answer, 60+ Mins

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Don't you wish you could get all the money back that you spent on all the vague and mostly theory-filled, over promised under-delivered Amazon training you have got in the past?  Don't buy into all the "I sold $50,000,000 in product last month" BS.  You ought to be asking yourself - what did they profit? What's their Return On Investment (ROI)? What experience do they have in training real sellers with real Amazon selling questions?

Whether you are just getting started on Amazon, or sitting on a product or brand idea, I am here to help guide you 1-on-1 towards ultimate, transformative success. 

This 60 minute call would be perfect if you are just diving into the Amazon FBA world, or if you have a few specific Amazon Private Label questions, or would like me to analyze your product(s) and brand (before the call) and give you an action plan, with both short term and long term goals.  I provide practical application as I walk you through the specifics of ANY step of my Big 7 step system of selling private label products on Amazon. 

You'll come away from this 60 minute call knowing:
1.  Should I proceed with my Amazon business and product idea I have (or don't have)
2.  What should I focus on that others don't ever take the time and detail to tell me in order for me to rise above the pack and win.
3.  Is my product a good idea or not?  What if its not- now what?
4.  What software should I have and what expenses should I get rid of?
5.  How much money will I need to succeed on Amazon?
6.  Should I develop a bunch of different products that sell well individually, or should I build a brand?
7.  How to use FREE resources (I'll provide during the call) that I have been working for years to create and refine.  Real time-money savers.

I am known for my ability to break down hard-to-understand high-level concepts into small, manageable bites that can then be executed properly with right action.  You can do this with my help, no problem. 

I have been selling on Amazon since 2008. 
I have mentored HUNDREDS of clients through my proven Amazon private label system.

I earn 6 figures as a third party seller with 3 separate brands spanning 6 different categories (that's right, one of my brands spans multiple categories, and I will tell you how I do it.)

Thinking out of the box is a strategy that I am constantly putting to work when taking a product idea to market or building an entire brand identity. 

Oftentimes, what works best is something that has not been done before.  Other times, one needs exhaustive podcast & mastermind group connections to excel.  I save you time by sharing all of this with you.

During our coaching sessions (one-time or weekly)
I walk you through each important step to private label success.
  • Research
  • Source
  • Launch
  • Promote
  • Scale & Repeat

My goal with every client is to deliver 200% of what they were expecting.  With no sugar coating.
Simply message me with your situation, and find out how I can propel your Amz business.

You win, I win.  It's as simple as that.

What are you waiting for?  Amazon awaits.

Why wander in the dark as I did for my first year?  It will cost you a lot of time and money.  I've seen it time and time again.
Shoot me a message - it's free to inquire.
Requirements needed to get started
1.  On a scale of 1 to 10, what level is your Amazon business currently at (10 being 'Totally Crushing It')
2.  WHY do you want to sell on Amazon?
3.  What product(s) or market niche (if you have potentials already) are you needing help with?
Consulting hours
1 hour of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
What if I don't have a product yet? 
- No problem.  I can show you up to 11 proven tactics for finding hidden product / niche ideas.

Can you help with an existing listing?
-  Yes, I have assisted 100s of clients with optimizing almost 1,000 listings for top keyword and sales conversions.  I've worked in just about every category on Amazon.

Keywords - I'm lost.  Can you help?
-  One of my specialties, and keywords are the most underlooked factor on Amazon when it comes to Private Label selling.

What kind of tech do we use for our coaching call?
-  I use my pro Zoom room so that we can share screens, and have the option to record the call for you to watch back later.  That way you can focus during the session and not worry about having to take perfect notes.  Do real work to get real results.

My goal for every call is to transform your ability as an Entrepreneur, and escalate your Amazon business to the next level (or more.)