KEYWORD SUPERCHARGE Coaching Package 120 Minutes

Welcome to a leading expert on Amazon Keyphrase research and listing optimization.  

I’m not bragging, just sharing my experience that qualifies me to help you MAX OUT sales opportunity of your product on Amazon.  

Where did I get such excellent experience? I have been selling my own products in 3 different brands in many categories for 5 years now.  After utilizing my degree from the University of California to learn the ins and outs of Amazon keyword SEO, I started helping Sellers on Fiverr with their listings. 100s of listings; countless hours; nearly all Amazon categories.  

Now I train my coaching clients 1-on-1 how to do keyword research for their own listings, assuming they want to learn how.  It’s a rather involved and complicated process, in order to get it right.  As a result of that difficulty, some clients opt for me to do the research myself and pay me for the 2-4 hours time it takes to research keywords and break into 4 different term types - Top Level, Primary, Secondary, and Hidden.  

Order this package and I will allow you to look over my shoulder while I do a complete keyword analysis of your product and market, utilizing many paid tools such as:
  • Helium10
  • JS
  • Merchant Words (but not for search volume)
  • Amazon sidebar
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google
  • Misspellings
  • Non-English terms
and a series of manual research tactics that I have derived over many years time while working on 100s of listings.

I keep updated via my mastermind groups and tools tutorial pages every Monday to be sure that I am always up-to-date on Amazon requirements and the latest tactics that are being used around our industry.

 I am constantly testing, and not only on my own products, but on my 21+ active coaching clients’ listings, as well. 

If you are a serious seller, then you know the importance of proper and thorough keyword research. One missed phrase, or one phrase placed in the wrong part of your listing (or not placed in the right place), and you could drop sales exponentially.  Not good. You want good. I want excellent, and have found that keyword research can deliver top sales. Top sales good. 

Why take a chance of missing even 1 keyword on your listing?  

For Example:
If that 1 phrase has a search volume of just 1,000 searches per month, that could cost you 2 sales a day minimum if you are on page 1 of the search, or plan to be on page 1.  Over the course of a year, you would see 740 missed sales.  If you profit only $5 per unit sold, that would mean that 1 keyword not being on your listing could cost a minimum of $3,700.  And that’s just 1 keyword with very low search volume.  Imagine missing multiple words, or one word with 20,000 per month search volume.  

What are you waiting for?  It’s only $299, and will get you 10s of 1000s in value. (I once did a keyword job for a client, and they sold $19,800 MORE in 3.5 weeks time as a direct result)

Onward and Upward!
Requirements needed to get started
1.  On a scale of 1 to 10, what level is your Amazon business currently at (10 being 'Totally Crushing It')
2.  WHY do you want to sell on Amazon?
3.  What product(s) or market niche (if you have potentials already) are you needing help with? Please provide an ASIN or listing link if you have one.
Consulting hours
2 hours of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 30 days