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Review Asking Chatbot and Email Sequences - 100% legal

I'm an Amazon FBA Business Owner - and yes, I've been there.
I know how hard it is to get legal reviews on Amazon.

Let's face it: reviews make or break your business. Even having 3-5 legal reviews can cut your Pay-Per-Click cost to half and get you on top of the search results. Amazon incentives reviews - but it doesn't make any directions on how to get them legally, right?

  • You waste a lot of money. You give away your inventory, below break-even price, and in return you *hope* for higher ranking and organic sales *afterwards*.
  • Attract hijackers - those who buy your product for 90% off than resell it, using your listing, cheaper than you. You loose the "Buy button" for a while and you loose one sale and the worst part is: you can't do anything (unless you have patent)
  • You don't have access to the buyers. You don't build a real business asset or brand.

Do not try Giveaway services. None of them.

Build a real, long-lasting audience instead.

With this gig you get?

A ManyChat Sequence + Zapier Integration that distributes coupon codes and asks for review or feedback. By result, your product usually receives good, positive reviews.

The beauty of Chatbot Subscribers?
  • it's 100% Amazon Legal
  • you don't have to give away your inventory below the break-even price
  • You're in control - not just "hope it will work out okay"
  • No hijackers, you'll sleep well
  • A long-lasting relationship with your audience, Whenever you launch a new product with the same brand (and FB page) you can simply message those who already bought from you. 
  • Make a 1-time investment and you reap the rewards over and over again.

Place your order today and let's get started today.

PS. if you read until this point - I especially help first-time sellers and small brands to grow. Don't use launch services or coupon sites. You don't control that audience and you don't have access 
s to them.
Requirements needed to get started
  • Your product URL or ASIN
  • Top 4-5 keywords - we do research, but if you have anything in mind, let us know
  • FB Page and access as Admin
  • ManyChat PRO account - we do it for you
  • Zapier PRO account - we do it for you
  • Amazon Access - we generate the coupon codes
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 14 days
Frequently asked questions
Can you provide the breakdown of the cost and time taken(approximate)?
Yes, definitely. 

Is this for one product?
Yes, the fee is for one product, for one ASIN. Every additional ASINs within the same brand costs only $200. You can reuse the audience if the next product is under the same brand. In other words, under the same brand, every additional product cost 50% less. This is for the first few orders only.

I want to rank for a certain keywords, can you determine these keywords or rank for them?
We use Helium10 and JungleScout to do keyword research. We find the most effective long-tail keywords, means enough search volume so brings revenue but easy enough to rank for with our techniques. Yes, can rank for your competitors' keywords too.

Can you give me a campaign cost breakdown?
Sure. We wanted to make it a no-brainer. 
Please use JungleScout's Profit Calculator

Use JungleScout's Guide to gain clarity 
The main difference is, instead of the Giveaway Cost in the calculator, we have around the same fee and that you get a real, live audience.

How many products should I give with discounts to rank?
It depends on the product and the keyword. 
We determine it for you upfront.

Do I need a FB Page to add this?
Yes, and give us access or create an email that already has access.

Do I need a Manychat PRO and Zapier PRO account for this?

Yes, you need them - but we set it up for you.

Is it 100% Amazon legal?
Yes. All these buyers coming from an external source, FaceBook. They're not incentived to leave positive review - you ask them and some will leave. Nothing breaks Amazon rules (or any ethics for that matter).

How it compares to the usual Email sequences?
According to ManyChat, Chatbot messages have 90%+ Open Rate and 20-30% Click Rate. Comparing email which has 20-30% Opens and 2-3% clicks. Yes, it's not a typo, Chatbots are outperform everything currently.

Do I need to reply a tone of messages on FB from my personal FB?

No, it doesn't arrive to your personal FB account, customers write to your FB page.  
As a part of the setup, I write a default reply. 
Just like Amazon, it gives you 24 hour time to reply.

Do I need FB Ads budget?
Yes, FB Ads budget is above the project and software fees.

How long this process take?
Usually implementation is only a few days.
The sequence itself take 12-14 days. Asking reviews before their purchase arrives is not a good idea so usually I recommend waiting for 12-14 days after the purchase made and we set everything up this way.

How many reviews do you guarantee?
We don't guarantee reviews and I recommend staying away from all services and tools that guarantee reviews. Guarantee means the reviews are incentived - which means sooner or later it's going to be removed from Amazon. Most probably, the accounts they used will be also removed and the seller accounts as well. That's the only dangerous move you can make on Amazon.

How your service compares to Viral Launch or other services?
It's in the same price range. However,
the Chatbot way usually generates more reviews
all the  reviews are 100% legal
you can reuse the audience we build, over and over again (so it's a real asset)
there's very little risk of hijackers, unlike traditional giveaways when someone buys your product with 90% off than resell it 50% lower - and you can't do anything, your sales velocity drops