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I Will Confirm If Your Amazon Product Is A Winner Or Loser


  • I've been Full-Time in eCommerce for 5 years!
  • Started my business Drop-shipping in 2015.
  • Successfully launched my own brands on Amazon!
  • Work Full-Time as an Amazon Marketing Coordinator for a west coast agency.
  • Currently consulting for beginners through various freelance websites

Description of Gig:
As a private labeler myself, (and as a consultant especially) I have realized the most stressful part of starting in Amazon FBA is picking a product and I am here to take all your FEAR, WORRY, AND NERVOUSNESS away so you can start sourcing your product!

I will conduct my very own product research on your product as if it were a product I was considering to sell and I will give you a second opinion on if it is a winner or a loser!

I Provide You Results with:

  1. An 11-Point Test on if your product possesses enough positive qualities to move forward. 
  2. Brief Pros vs Cons Explanation
  3. A wrote out conclusion explaining why I believe you should or should not move forward with your product

I'm am currently available! I look forward to working with you. Feel free to message me with any concerns or questions, 24/7 a day!

Requirements needed to get started
1) I will need a few links to your competitor. 

2) A detailed explanation of your product idea.

3) Details of your cost and margins:
Cost of Goods:
Shipping Goods:
Storage Fee:
Referral Fee:

4) Explanation on how you plan on differentiating.

5) Best email? (Gmail preferred)
Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Q: How many products wIll you give an opinion on?
A: This gig is for one answer to one product. If you'd like to know my opinion on another product, you will have to order this gig again.