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Up to 9 On White,
Up to 1 Flatlay
Up to 5 Lifestyle
Requirements needed to get started
  1. What is your product?
  2. How many pictures do you need?
  3. Please provide description of what each photo will look like.
  4. Do you need to hire a model?
  5. When do you need the product by?

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9 images included per package
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Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
What can I expect when ordering from Ecommphotos?
Product Preparation: including steaming garments, stuffing handbags, cleaning smudges, minor assembly, careful handling
Photo Editing: to remove dust, minor scratches (additional retouching for additional fee)
Online Delivery: jpeg, png or other as specified
Royalty Free: unlimited use license

What kinds of products can I submit? Are there size limitations?
We shoot all size products from jewelry to motorcycles. Anything larger than a tabletop item (something that can fit on a photographic tabletop setup) requires customized pricing and can be discussed on an individual basis. Simply ask us!

Can you shoot my products on a live model?
Yes, we can. We use professional modeling agencies to retain models of all types and ages. We also use partial models (no faces) for a lesser fee. Pricing can be obtained by reaching out to us.

How do I ship my products to/from Ecommphotos?
After you have placed your order, you will receive detailed shipping instructions. You are responsible for both inbound and outbound shipping costs. Once we have received your product(s), you will receive a confirmation of product receipt email. Sit back, relax and wait for your images to arrive.
Return shipping requires a pre-paid UPS, FedEx or DHL label that can be included in the shipment or shared via email.

Please do not send products without placing an order. Return shipping is limited to domestic US addresses.

What sorts/amount of retouching is included in the price?
Included in pricing: Basic Retouching- images are carefully color matched to the product, retouched for minor dust and minor scratches and skewed to be straight on. Contact shadows are maintained and reflections are gradated to white no more than 25% below the product.

Special retouching is priced on a case by case basis and can be obtained by reaching out to us.

Do you shoot food?
Yes! We are able to shoot certain types of food products. Please contact us to discuss the details.