Comprehensive PPC Keyword Research To Crush your Competitors

Amazon Keyword Research Done by an experienced Amazon seller.

As we know keywords are a very important part of the amazon FBA game. Without them our products won’t be visible to potential customers and they won’t sell period.

In most cases a lot of potential sales are never captured as the keywords that leads to those sales are never discovered. What are those keywords? I’m talking about those medium and long-tail keywords. J

Have you spent countless hours trying to do keyword research to optimize your amazon listing and PPC campaigns but you just do not have the time or you’re just not sure what you’re about?

With our service we will take the burden a way of doing keyword research.

Let us use our tested methods for doing research and finding those medium and long tail keywords.

Wondering what’s included in our in-depth keyword research package?

☑️500+ relevant keywords

☑️Exact and Broad monthly search volume

☑️Short, medium and long-tail keywords

☑️Spy on your top 5 competitors- Reverse ASIN search that reveals all the keywords your top 5 competitors are ranking for. 

☑️Unlimited Revisions-100% satisfaction guarantee

Click “Proceed to Order” and let’s take your amazon listing and PPC to the next level

Requirements needed to get started
Which market your product will be listed on?
What is your top 5 competitors' ASIN?
What is the link to your product?
Focus keywords
More than 10 focus keywords
Number of words included
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Competitor Research
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Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours