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The Art of Seduction or The Art of War?
LF designs iconic packaging that is immediately recognizable and almost impossible to ignore or forget.

Packaged products must out-think and out-compete every surrounding brand on a store shelf. The best product package design in the world engages consumers on both rational and emotional levels. We believe that no marketing battlefield is more competitive than at the retail level. Fewer than 1% of consumers will ever visit a brand’s website, but 100% of them must interact with the product packaging. If well executed, great packaging can have a tremendous impact on sales volume; highly effective packaging is frequently the most efficient and cost effective investment a brand can make in itself.

This package includes: 
Complete and Detailed Packaging Design. 

The process:
We will ask you to fill out a design brief. The design brief will help us better understand your product, your specific needs, likes and dislikes.

Requirements needed to get started
Packaging Size or the template from your manufacturer. Your logo. Care instructions, Warnings or Symbols. Information/copy that will go on the packaging in text format. Your barcode.
Send all the necessary details that you want on the product packaging. Samples Packaging or you can simple draw it on paper to show what you actually mean. 
Cover type
Product Package
2D Graphic
3D Model
Animated Model
File formats provided
Extras included
Back & Side
Source File
3D Image
Commercial Use
3 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days