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Logo & Branding Guidelines

Creative process is led by the collection of information. Your logo must be a skillfully constructed and accurate representation of your brand. When we conceptualize, we evaluate quality over quantity. Our best work comes from an honest collaboration with our clients. A combination of the knowledge of your industry and our design expertise that guarantee lasting and versatile results.

Whether you're considering launching a brand, breaking a category, creating a brand identity or simply needing general help to specify your message; I can help you promote its growth and generate competitive advantage.

I divide the process into 4 steps: Strategy and brand position, Brand guidelines / Brand history, Message and tone of voice, Graphic art: Logos, stationery and Iconography.

What to Expect
The process usually starts with you giving me an idea of what you are looking for your logo to represent.  Then, I will share some preliminary deigns with you.  After that, we fine tune the logo until it is perfect.

What to Receive
Professional Logo and Branding Guidelines

Requirements needed to get started
Brand name and vision
Desired brand personality
References or simple draw it on paper to show what you actually mean. 
Other special requests such as colors, symbols, etc.
Style of logo designed
Vintage / Retro
Mascot / Cartoon
Flat / Minimalist
Watercolor / Feminine
File formats provided
Extras included
High Resolution
Logo Transparency
Source File
Vector File
3D Mockup
Initial concepts included
3 initial concepts per package
3 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
What Are Brand Identity Guidelines?
Brand identity guidelines are a written manual that explains how a brand should be used internally and externally. Imagine that the McDonald’s logo looks completely different everywhere you see it. There would be no way of making the instant connection in consumers’ minds between the logo and the brand promise.

Brand identity guidelines provide very specific instructions about how tangible elements of a brand should be used in all forms of branded communications — from business cards to ads, packaging to signage, and everything in between. In other words, by following specific brand guidelines, your brand can leave its fingerprint across all communications touch points.

Comprehensive brand guidelines include instructions related to color, fonts, and layout. They also include sections on offline communications, online communications, internal communications, external communications, and co-branded communications. These “communications” include all forms of branded marketing, advertising, and other communications. Even an internal presentation that uses the brand name and logo is a form of branded communications that should follow the brand identity guidelines.

What is Vector/Source file?
Vector/Source files are the original files (.ai and .eps) in which logos are designed by which you can edit/resize the logo to any desirable size without quality loss or pixelation.