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As an Amazon seller having the right keywords in your listing is essential for success. 
But before you even think about creating a listing or a launch strategy, you should know the top 5 relevant keywords with the highest search volume for your listing.  
The only way to successfully find these keywords is to analyze hundreds of competitors’ listings. 
Fortunately, you can start finding relevant keywords for free with software like Google keyword planner, Ahrefs or Sonar, but these tools provide pages of keywords that can take hours to comb through and field results like “Baby reading glasses (19,500)” and “High heels for dogs (52,500).” 
Bottom line: They don’t help you narrow down the keyword focus. 
What if I have paid keyword research tools?
If you have paid tools through Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Helium 10, or other Amazon keyword tools you can leverage their data analytics to narrow your results. 
The problem is they aren’t cheap. 
They start around $25 a month for the most basic versions (which are similar to the free options) and range to over $100 for the most advanced algorithmic versions. In addition, you really need more than one tool to cross validate your results. 
How can you leverage multiple paid keyword tools for less than the cost of one? 
With my $20 service!
My name is Jared Nygren I am a professional digital marketer for a fortune 500 company. 

I own access to nearly $200 in monthly subscriptions to keyword research tools, and I leverage the most advanced data analytics and proprietary algorithms on the market to find you the right keywords. 
On the daily I do keyword research and copywriting for a software product that sells over 220 million annually, so when it comes to keyword research, I am your guy. 
What will you get for $20? 
1.  The top 5 relevant keywords with the highest search volume 
To start off, I leverage the most advanced data analytics and proprietary algorithms on the market. Scanning up to 10,000 competitor listings, I will develop an exhaustive list of customer search terms related to your product. This is done by running a Reverse Market Lookup. Think of it as a master reverse-ASIN lookup that reaches across all your Amazon markets. This takes all your top competitors into consideration instead of just one listing. From there I use a combination of tools to get the final result.  
2.  The master keyword list 

At the conclusion of my research I will send you the entire list of keywords. You can then sort them by: priority score, relevancy score, opportunity score or exact and broad search totals. I will also include suggested CPC bids for your PPC campaigns. Lastly, I am happy to answer any questions you have about your keywords or the terms I mentioned above.  

  Number of suggested giveaway units to rank on page one

I will send you the estimated number of units you should give away to rank on page one for your top 5 keywords. This is very valuable information when planning a successful launch strategy.   

  Bonus E-Book: The seven-figure seller playbook 

This eguide, from the seven-figure seller summit, was written by my friend Gary Huang. It consists of 16 Habits and strategies that successful 7 figure sellers are using right now. You will learn how to implement them into your own E-commerce Business, so you can scale to a million dollars.

  Bonus discount 

Finally, if you made it to the last bullet point I am offering the first 20 buyers $5 off. That means you will get all of this for $15. All you need to do is send me a message requesting the bonus discount. 

Requirements needed to get started
  1. A link to your product or ASIN, if you have one. 
  2. Details about your product 
  3. A link to your top 3 competitors 
  4. 2-3 keywords/phrases that you would use to search your product on Amazon. 
Focus keywords
5 focus keywords
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Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
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Product Description
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Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Q: Can I see a sample of your work? 

A: Absolutely, send me a message and I will show you an example of a previous project.