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Communicating with GLOBAL manufacturers is a lost art that a lot of Amazon sellers do not understand the importance of. This leaves lost dollars on the table and little potential for the long-term amazing relationships you can build with your suppliers.

Using these custom-built SUPPLIER CONTACT TEMPLATES, I will help ensure that you get the BEST PRODUCTS available for the BEST PRICE

Each template is designed around both the AMAZON SELLERS and MANUFACTURERS best interests and will guarantee to make you sound like a PROFESSIONAL.

Simply copy, edit and paste!

You will get access to SIX of my personal templates including: 

✅ The First Initial Contact Message
✅ Ordering and Tracking Samples
✅ Request for Custom Product Packaging
✅ Negotiating the Best Price for Your Product
✅ Pre-order and Shipping Estimates
✅ Inventory Order Messages
Also included as a BONUS to this package is information on: 
WHAT TO KNOW Before Contacting Suppliers,
✅ How to Find the BEST and WORLD CLASS Suppliers for your Amazon FBA Product
✅ How to Easily Communicate with Your Suppliers FAST
✅ How to make sure you are getting the BEST PRICE on Alibaba for your product. 
I'm looking to help you get to the next level!

Requirements needed to get started
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
What format are the templates in? They are provided in Microsoft Word Documents.