Email Marketing Follow-Up Sequence for AMAZING REVIEWS!

Reviews are IMPORTANT and communicating with CUSTOMERS is something a lot of Amazon sellers do not understand the importance of. Without a PERFECT EMAIL SEQUENCE to follow-up with buyers after their purchase you will miss the potential for the potential for REVIEWS and long-term repeat customers.

Using these custom-built EMAIL SEQUENCE TEMPLATES, I will help ensure that you get the BEST FEEDBACK and most amount of REVIEWS possible. 

Each template is guaranteed to make you sound like a PROFESSIONAL.

Simply copy, edit and paste!

You will get access to FIVE of my personal templates including: 

✅ Order Received 
✅ 1 Day After Delivery (New Products)
✅ 1 Day After Delivery (10 Reviews or More)
✅ 3 Days After Delivery – Review Request
✅ 5 Days After Delivery – Thank You

 Also included as a BONUS to this package is information on: 
WHAT TO KNOW Before Contacting Customers
✅ The BEST Software available to AUTOMATE your Emails!
✅ How to MAXIMIZE your Review Potential and Capture REPEAT CUSTOMERS
It has taken years to learn the most vital skills to becoming a successful Amazon Seller and working privately as a freelance consultant on JungleScout Market has allowed me to help Amazon sellers with the competitive advantage they need to compete against large brands and tech firms in the United States and around the world.
I'm looking to help you get to the next level!

If you have any questions about how I can help you, check out my other services offered or contact me, and we'll talk!

Chad - eJungle Consulting

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Frequently asked questions
What is an Order Received Email?
The order received email is sent out immediately after an Amazon sales is made. Having an optimized order received email encourages positive reviews while also giving the seller an opportunity to proactively address customer frustrations before they became an issue.

What is a Review Request Email?
The review request email is sent out multiple days after the product has been ordered by the client. This email encourage buyers to leave a review on Amazon if they are satisfied with their purchase. If they are not satisfied, customers are encouraged to contact your support department so that the issue can be corrected right away.