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Build Your Own Website on Shopify Course

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The fact is that if Jeff can snap his fingers and turn off your business, it's not your business!

We've done over half a million dollars via our primary Shopify site in the last few years and coached and mentored others build their sites as well.

In this course we walk you through how to build a website that will establish trust convert visitors to customers.

Topics in this course include:
Conversion Optimization on Shopify
  • Policies- Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy
  • About US Pages
  • Shipping and Refund Policy 
  • Social Proof
  • Overview of Canva
  • Social Media and It's Role in Social Proof
  • Selecting a Theme
  • Checkout Settings
  • Payment Gateways
  • Product Photography and Graphics
  • Popups and Exit Intent

Email - Using Klaviyo
Most people think of email marketing as "email campaigns". The fact is, it's possible to generate 10% of your websites revenue every month automatically. We cover the flows that we use and the campaign scheduling process we use to consistently generate 20% of our monthly revenue from our primary Shopify store.

We cover detailed process for implementing *automated* email flows

  • Templates and Saved Blocks
  • Abandoned Cart Flows
  • Creating Variations
  • Abandoned Carts Part 2 - Social Proof
  • VIP Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Abandoned Browse Flow
  • Conversion Asset Flow (Reviews)
  • Upsell Flow
  • Customer Winback Flow
  • New Customer Welcome Flow

We cover our process for sending and scheduling campaigns to ensure customers buy from us time after time:
  • Setting up Dynamic Lists (Segments)
  • Scheduling Campaign Sends

How to send unique coupon codes (for instance; Amazon single use coupon codes) using Klaviyo

How to easily establish a social media beachhead to better establish your SEO rankings

Requirements needed to get started
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Frequently asked questions
When is this course available?
You can consume this course at your leisure 24x7x365.

What tools do you cover?
While we show you how to do things using Shopify, Klaviyo, Just Uno, and other tools, the lessons and concepts can easily be applied to other tools or services?