Face book Messenger ChatBot Flows,Sales and Reviews

 Here is something critical you need to consider:

 If you do your due diligence and Pick the product wisely, then you are Only ONE Step away from a money-making product.
   That step is LAUNCHING 

  • Launch your product in a way that 90% of sellers are NOT EVEN AWARE OF.
  • Take advantage of the Power of Messenger Bots.
  •  Combine them with F.B Ads and just KILL IT.
  • Enter to your market like a Giant and Savage BULL!!! 

I'm going to help you with:

  1.   get ranked for MULTIPLE keywords and land on PAGE ONE, fast.
  2.  get dozens of reviews 100% within Amazon's T.O.S.
  3.  build social proof and Increase chance of sickness to the page ONE.
  4.  Start to build yours (not Amazon's) loyal customers.
  5.  Launch cheaper and cheaper every single time.
  6.  avoid bad reviews 

 What You Will Get: 

  1.  I will set up separate flows for sales, Happiness check and reviews.
  2.  I will set up coupon codes distribution system.
  3. I will maintain Bots for the first two weeks.
  4. I will make Two Step store-front URLs to target the KW you wish to get rank for.
  5. I will deliver you JSON code to utilize it in the FB Ad campaign. 

What Am I Going To Help You With?

  1. I will help you to have the highest chance of "immediate coupon redeem" which leads you to increase sales velocity up to 10x.
  2.  I will help you to provide THE BEST customer support by The instant-responding system.
  3.  I will help you to minimize the risk of getting deadly one-star reviews.
  4. I will help you to believe EMAIL MARKETING IS DEAD.
  5. I will help you to INSANELY increase your sales velocity, reviews, and K.W's ranking.


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  1. You are starting to build your own customers list
  2. You are starting to build a brand (if you wish to)
  3. You are Decreasing your dependency on Amazon
  4. You are going to have cheaper and stronger launches every time
  5. You are one of the very few who are taking advantage of the golden age of Chat Bots
Requirements needed to get started
Facebook page
ManyChat Pro account $10/Month
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Why should I use your service, not other's?
  •  I have the most comprehensive listing.
  •  I have the most competitive price.
  • I have tones of experience as a bot developer.
  • I helped 100's of people with their launches.
  • I know how to run the most effective Ads campaigns.
  • I care about you and your business.
  • I provide CRAZY support during the first TWO weeks. 

Is this for 1 ASIN?
Yes, THis is only for 1 ASIN as the work involved is extensive.