Decrease ACoS and Increase ROI with Amazon Ads

In a virtual world, manufacturers/distributors are constantly swimming with the sharks. Being proactive, nimble, and strategic is just as important as being quick to react. With over 1MM new sellers on Amazon this year alone, cutting through the online noise and increasing your brand awareness takes work. Millions of businesses are strategizing, promoting, and selling products and competing for your share. Don’t get lost in the fray. 

I’m a CPG product marketer turned Amazon guru and I’ve effectively driven e-commerce and brick and mortar retail sales through promotions. I’ve aggressively bypassed competitors and gained brand or product exposure through strategic promotions. Navigating the field is no easy task. I’ve conceptualized, launched, and led products through the life cycle process. Plus, I’ve executed P&L margin analysis and understand the selling cycle. 
I’m a soup-to nuts seasoned marketer who thinks holistically. And as the Expert Promotional Strategist, I’ll set up promotional plans that will increase product exposure and convert eyeballs to sales. 
I’ll use strategy and experience with top line expectations to increase sales. Message me to start a dialogue. Let’s swim towards calmer waters and increase sales together.

PACKAGE 1  - $500
Daily Deals, Lightening Deals, and Couponing
~ Laid out promotional plan for 6 months
~ Breakdown of product and deal
~ Steps for implementation
~ Up to 5 ASINS 

PACKAGE 2 - $500
PPC Strategy
~ Laid out promotional plan for 6 months
~ Breakdown of campaigns and associated keywords
~ Steps for implementation
~ Up to 4 campaigns 
Requirements needed to get started
Portfolio History
 ~Top Sellers past year by ASIN
 ~Seasonality affect
Overarching Goal
~i.e., increase awareness
~i.e., increase sales
~i.e., move inventory
Brand or Company Information
  ~Company website URL
Competitive Landscape
  ~Top 5 competitors (brand, website, product name 
Delivery time
Up to 7 days