20% Off - The Right Categories = The Right Customers


In a virtual world, glitches, unapproved changes, and funky backend things happen all the time. This can affect your product listings and create an unprofessional appearance, and more importantly lost sales. Amazon is an enormous algorithmic machine, and so, glitches happen all the time.
I’m a CPG product marketer turned Amazon guru who effective developed and integrated full product portfolios. Since glitches do happen in e-commerce, let’s review your product categorization.  If your product is ranking in the wrong category, sales will virtually be impossible to capture. Imagine how difficult it would be if you were trying to buy shoes in a jewelry store. That’s the same with online categories. Unrealized changes happen all the time and as new Andon Cords are added to Amazon’s back end, all of a sudden, your food processor is listed in apparel.  And no worries if you don’t know what an Andon Cord is, that fancy Amazon talk. 
I’m a soup-to nuts seasoned marketer who thinks holistically. I’ll ensure your category listing is correct so you can get the right target consumer seeing your product page.   
I’ll research and make recommendations to maximize your page ranking. Message me to start a dialogue. Let’s get back to basics and increase sales together. 
I'll review up to 3 ASINS and provide:
~Suggestions and steps for correction if needed (and note, they might be perfectly categorized already)
Requirements needed to get started
Product Information
~Sell Sheets, Collateral Material, Specifications
~Features and Benefits
~Product Differentiator

Brand or Company Information
  ~Company website URL

Competitive Landscape
~Top 5 competitors (brand, website, product name) 

Delivery time
Up to 3 days