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Fully Optimized Amazon Listing (Keywords, Copy, PPC)

Hi there!

My name is Chris and I am an Amazon seller of over 2 years with over 20 SKUs. I've been around long enough to see multiple TOS changes regarding listing copy, formatting, and structure, so I know a thing or two about writing new listings, editing old ones, and keeping up with the ever-changing Amazon landscape. I've decided to get my hands dirty with helping others out because, well, I like helping out! And I know how to consult with people while providing a professional service, so the two go hand in hand.

These days, you'll want a listing that is keyword-rich, but not keyword-stuffed. Amazon wants the customer experience to be quick, targeted, and relevant. This will help your click-through-rate on ads and conversion rate when customers arrive at your listing. These two factors, in combination with sales velocity, are things Amazon loves to see and will beneficially rank your listing as a result. So, the main goal is to create a highly readable listing. Many new sellers neglect this aspect. Trust me, I've been there! I remember stuffing my titles full, jam-packing my bullets, cramming my description, and just piling in 5000 characters into the backend search terms. And it worked! But those days are over...

Second goal is to be found in relevant searches. That's where highly relevant, targeted keyword research comes in handy. The more relevant search terms you can be discovered for when customers are shopping, the better. Main keywords are great to rank for, but if the product isn't entirely relevant to the keyword and no one buys, it doesn't matter. That's why sprinkling many long-tail keywords in without sacrificing readability is essential. And avoiding repetition is key.

Combining the relevant keywords with a highly readable listing is the key to getting more sales and ranking. But it isn't the easiest thing to do, especially if you don't have the experience, don't have the time, and don't organize your work properly.

I will provide full in-depth keyword research,  complete & compliant copy for your title, bullets, and html description, and 250 bytes of search terms for the backend, all within neat and organized files. I will also provide a list of PPC keywords that you can put into your first manual campaigns. These will be extracted from paid tools that scrape the search results and do ASIN lookups. I then take my time to perfect the copy, ensuring 100% compliance.

I'm currently launching this offer at a bargain price to attract clients, so please take advantage of the opportunity while the cost is so low. I'd love to serve you!
Requirements needed to get started
  1. Ideally, your product page (link, ASIN, brand name). If you don't want to divulge, you can send me the info below.
  2. Current copywriting and images (if you have it) including title, bullets, description, and backend search terms. 
  3. Description of the customer you think is most likely to buy this product.
Focus keywords
10 focus keywords
Number of words included
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Bullet Points
Product Description
HTML Product Description
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
What marketplaces do you write for?
Currently, only English-speaking marketplaces (US, CA, UK, AU)