Comprehensive Listing Audit So You Can Get a Grip On It

I have years of experience optimizing Amazon listings. If you are interested in a quick audit of your listing I will briefly explain what you need to improve and offer some tips at how to do it.

The gig is delivered in video format where I take you through the parts of your listings and give you detailed advice about how to improve.
Requirements needed to get started
Send me over your listing and if you have specific concerns let me know.
Focus keywords
More than 10 focus keywords
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Do you have bulk discounts?
Yes, I am happy to offer bulk discounts and create custom gigs to fit your needs. Please contact me before ordering so we can work out a deal.
How many years have you been working on Amazon?
I've been working on Amazon for 5+ years. I've worked in-house and as an independent consultant. Most recently I work for Brand Salt Marketing.
Can you promise high conversion rates?
No, I can't. There are many factors which influence conversion; price, competition, product reviews, quality, design, etc. etc. However, many of the listings I've written are doing well over 20% and in some cases over 30% conversion rates on a regular basis.
Will my product ideas, niche, and information be kept confidential?
Yes, absolutely. We have strict rules set in place and avoid conflicts of interest at all cost. If your product conflicts with one of our full management clients we will ask to cancel the order.
Do you offer other Amazon services?
Yes, we offer a full range of Amazon services. Our primary clients are those with existing wholesalers, factories, and retail brands which would like to expand on Amazon.