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Clothing and Accessory Design and Development

The clothing creation process can be grouped into three general blocks: 
1. Design: Product is taken from the discussion on concept into concrete visualization, designed using all information gathered around agreed upon concept. 
2. Development: Product is physically and intellectually developed via various iterations of construction. 
3. Production: Product is built into the prototype of the exact item to be sold and reproduced by manufactured production to meet appropriate scope and scale for desired distribution. 
The Clothing/Garment Design and Development package includes: 
1. Time required to complete project in its entirety to include: 
- All labor necessary for pattern drafting, sample making, item adjustments and evolutions, prototype creation, material sourcing, etc. 
- All scheduled meetings/phone calls with clients/collaborators
- Acquisition and sourcing of all necessary materials, tools, and machinery for item construction i.e. fabric, textiles, hardware, trims, etc. 
2. Timeline for the completion of the product according to pre-determined deadlines set by the company and agreed upon by both parties. 
3. Physical samples, paper patterns, sketches, and prototype(s) of the product
4. List of additional materials required to complete construction of the product, to be approved by the company, as it will incur additional expense (see below). 
The package may not include the cost of additional materials purchased for the construction of the final prototype or the purchase of additional machinery and tools needed for construction of the product. Because the price and quantity of these items can vary greatly per design, we'll discuss these needs in preparation for the project and as the needs arise through construction.

Requirements needed to get started
A general concept of the product to be created will be required including any general ideas of overall aesthetic, functions, product purpose and any other necessary details pertinent to a first draft in sketch and 3D format. 
Design variations
1 design variation per package
File formats provided
3 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 30 days