(2019) Listing Optimization Guide - #1 Best-Seller Blueprint

Have you ever wondered what the hidden DNA of a #1 Best-Seller looked like?

Most sellers unfortunately play the guessing game when crafting their listing without any structural foundations to guide them. I've crafted 100's listings for myself and for large brands on Amazon.  I can confidently tell you that in order to become a #1 best-seller, you need to have the right roots in place first so that your listing can come to fruition with bounties of sales.

A listing that isn't optimized correctly will flop when you launch, so this is monumentally important to learn the RIGHT way to optimize your listing from the very start.

What You'll Learn:

1. How to reverse engineer The best-sellers in your category and LEGALLY copy their strategy.

2. How to increase your average order value and increase sales rank!

3. Step by Step how to create a #1 Best-Selling listing.

4. How to exploit categories to give yourself a competitive edge.

5. The number #1 thing that most sellers are doing wrong when it comes to their listings that'll tank your ranking WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT.

6. How to structure your listing from A-Z for MAXIMUM conversions.

7. And much much more!

Bonus Video: How to actually create your listing from scratch. 

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Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
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Q: Is this a service? A: No. This is a PDF guide.