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30 Minute Consulting Call - No BS Consultation

No BS Amazon Consulting Call

Suitable for you if you're looking for detailed, helpful and actionable Amazon information and advice. For newbies and existing sellers.

If you feel I haven't provided you value within 30 minutes then I will refund your money. Why the crazy guarantee? Because I've been selling on Amazon for 4.5 years but I'm also committed to providing an excellent service.

The process for this consultation call is as follows...
1) You message me before committing to the call with the answers to the two questions in the 'requirements' section below.

2) Provided I feel I can assist you I will forward you a link to schedule the call.

3) The call will take place via Whatsapp Call, Skype or Zoom. Voice, Video or Screenshare it's your choice.

4) I will email you a recording of the call and any follow up notes/documentation.

5) You're inspired and ready to execute on the information and strategies I have discussed with you!
Requirements needed to get started
Please provide answers to the following questions before requesting a consultation.
- Would you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced Amazon seller? 

- What topic or questions would you like to cover in your consulting call?
Consulting hours
1/2 hour of consulting included
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
- What makes you qualified to offer Amazon specific advice?
I began my Amazon journey in 2014, setting up a single listing of a product I created myself.

I have since sourced, designed, imported and launched numerous other products on the Amazon platform across multiple marketplaces (UK, US and EU) for my own brand products.

I also provide Amazon account management, PPC management, coaching and consulting. My clients vary from small work-at-home mothers to large chinese manufacturers.

I believe what makes me different to the other 'Amazon experts' is the fact I started with only a few hundred in cash and I am not shy to admit I failed for many years until I hit a home run. It's that period of failure that taught me a lot about myself and about Amazon.

The fact my experience is from working in the trenches, with little cash to spare and with small margins, I believe, makes me the perfect Amazon coach and consultant, because I can relate to beginners with big goals!